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A 1st collection of poems

Categories Poem, Anal, Cum Swallowing

Published: 30 July 2015

Authror: abroadsword

A collection of largely Scottish themed poems I once fucked a tart in Arbroath I first stuck my cock down her throat Next thing her tight ass I poked And then I found she was a bloke. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water They said that of course But had...


Views: 3584     Rated: +6.67 (18)   

I can't say goodbye to yesterday

Categories Poem

Published: 28 July 2015

Authror: Randy Randerson

I think of then, Warm memories preserved by time. How long has it been, These memories I commited to rhyme? To read these lyrics from then, And remember what I once desired. To clasp the faded pen, And see what she had once inspired. How tempting it is to reminisce, To think of a...


Views: 1307     Rated: +6 (10)   

In my hand I did a thumping

Categories Poem, Masturbation

Published: 14 June 2015

Authror: 90lbsofDynamite

As I fumbled and struggled Unbutton this, unzip that why tisn’t it free – damn I hadn’t unbuckled Then it sprang out big and proud I wondered why I hadn’t plowed The damsel called whore It wouldn’t have been that hard chore Grasping I began a pumping Up and...


Views: 2025     Rated: +6.67 (12)   


Categories Poem

Published: 06 June 2015

Authror: OLDPRO

Memories Past Sometimes memories of past events that could have happened never did. At the time maybe I didn't realize the opportunity (swish over my head) because of a lack of inexperience? Or perhaps a lack of self worth? Or Judged by another not to fit the bill so to speak. Never cry...


Views: 1394     Rated: +7 (10)   

Hymn to Marc Doodle

Categories Poem

Published: 19 April 2015

Authror: Toucan Play

Oh you, You who are so Full Of the delicious Sticky raisins You who are the only one To fill My bowels To quench My itching sphincter For you I wait with open mouth Toothless and smooth To caress your poor Sore and Four Inch phallus With Tongue lips and...


Views: 1610     Rated: +6.67 (12)   

Johnny And Mary

Categories Poem, Consensual Sex, Erotica, School

Published: 05 January 2015

Authror: Exakta66

Now Johnny knew Mary since they were little tykes, Running in the field, riding their bikes, Like other little kids, they stayed out all day, Doing their chores, later they'll play, Johnny and Mary went to school, Tried real hard, act real cool, Johnny noticed Mary started to grow real...


Views: 12356     Rated: +7.8 (59)    Comments: 3

I wish I was dead

Categories Poem, Death, Male / Female, Young

Published: 01 January 2015

Authror: Allthwaite

A pal of mine rote this but he don't have no account. Seems he had a nightmare and wrote it out. Kinda warning I wish I was dead I woke up with the morning light Couldn't remember what I did last night But there's a girl in my bed I wish I was dead. Lying there all...


Views: 3458     Rated: +6.67 (12)    Comments: 3

lost and found

Categories Poem

Published: 05 July 2014

Authror: dustonthewind

mary’s daddy loves lightening in peach jars white and cold her mommy plays dice and spinning wheels feeling young while looking old mary’s brother died last august on a smoked filled rocky plain her sister gobbles crispy creams like losers swallow pain mary...


Views: 12056     Rated: +7.95 (146)    Comments: 8


Categories Poem, Non-Erotic, Romance, Wife

Published: 02 July 2014

Authror: misterblue588

I don’t know what’s happening, what I do know is I am nearly out of fight, my fire is dying. The lies, the cheating, the blank face staring back at me, the cold dead eyes that once were alive. No love, No conversation, No affection, No Connection, Darkness is all that surrounds...


Views: 3975     Rated: +4.88 (43)   

Thrown and twisted

Categories Poem

Published: 13 June 2014

Authror: DiminutiveDame

His eyes, his hands, his voice commanding Dark and guiding, drawing out what never existed Crawling, kneeling, submitting Pain and delight, thrown and twisted Molding her into her best, one befitting Her most inner needs, gifted The less he gives the more she wants His approval, his lust,...


Views: 2803     Rated: +6.36 (44)    Comments: 1

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