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seed you cant feed

Categories Poem

Published: 22 August 2013

Author: JayrenJulious69

A SEED YOU CANT FEED: by- John T Brown It was before the past But after everlast That I decided to mask Whatever leftover emotions I saved for last At the sound of a blast Everything is sad yet not so bad Kids mad Dad had Just enough of all the fighting Yelling and scream'n All...


Views: 5162     Rated: +5 (16)   

The Dream...

Categories Poem, First Time, Romance, Teen

Published: 19 August 2013

Author: SweetLover

I had a dream... I asked you if you wanted a fuck For no certain amount, So you gave no buck. We french kissed, And stripped, But didnt get pissed Cause the housekeeper got tipped, And caught us in the act. I tweaked your tit, You moaned, You grabbed my bit, I...


Views: 5708     Rated: +4 (30)    Comments: 2

I Need Sex

Categories Poem, Consensual Sex, Male Domination

Published: 17 July 2013

Author: Lustful Devil

I am in the need to be pleased My cock is begging to be released It's being strangled by my jeans Get on the bed don't tease I'm in the mood to take you like a beast No Foreplay No Roleplay All I need is to fuck you All I need is your pussy I can't wait I need...


Views: 6702     Rated: +6.07 (61)    Comments: 1

Loving it rough

Categories Poem

Published: 15 July 2013

Author: Clinchmen79

Psssst come here Let me whisper something in ur ear Can I get or do I take it? I wanna practice baby makin Snacking ya bra off pulling ya hair as u fall on the bed Ur eyes stretched wide wondering what's going thru my head Tearin those panties off with my mouth Lick up to ur naval and...


Views: 5121     Rated: +3.04 (23)    Comments: 3


Categories Poem

Published: 29 June 2013

Author: Blood Sun

Though he is the bees knees her doesn't stop when I beg please He pleases with gentle tease I give up with sighs and screams honey runs thick with sweet melodies between my knees. Finally my inner goddess has been released in full bloom so tell me who I be? Who are you and who am I to be...


Views: 5428     Rated: +3.04 (23)    Comments: 7

You don't remember? Here's what we did last night!

Categories Poem, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Teen

Published: 25 June 2013

Author: Pancakesarehere

I carried you in through your front door, up the stairs, and set you down gently on your bed. You had a few too many drinks at that party and asked for me to take you home and I happily agreed; I only went because you begged me to take you. You were wearing a plain black dress that fit to your...


Views: 7980     Rated: +6.46 (79)    Comments: 7

After School:Marissa comes home.

Categories Poem, Interracial, Lesbian, Male / Female

Published: 24 June 2013

Author: DaddyBigDick

It was a casual afternoon,Mr. Shaw loved Marissa after their wild adventure yesterday. All he could think about was her. Marissa stay after school until friday.She told me that her parents would be late coming home and that Mr.Shaw would take her and Liliana,her best friend,home with him for 3...


Views: 23407     Rated: +4.15 (205)    Comments: 20

To Katherine

Categories Poem, Non-Erotic, Romance

Published: 17 June 2013

Author: Konstantine

To Katherine She is as a little hummingbird Right beyond my reach And thought you may not see Our love is like a leech For when i reach to grab her She flits beyond my hand And from the cliff i dare not jump For fear of Reprimand For if i were to catch her I think I'd surely...


Views: 7366     Rated: +5.26 (19)    Comments: 11

Her and I

Categories Poem

Published: 16 June 2013

Author: sexy_poet

I fill her with pleasure and delight In front of the warm fire light She is wet and she is hot I give her all I got First I kiss her face And take in the scent of her grace Then I move to her nipples My tongue moves her body like lakeside ripples I move down further to the spot of her...


Views: 14744     Rated: +7.67 (60)    Comments: 24

After school

Categories Poem, Blowjob, Cruelty, Discipline

Published: 12 June 2013

Author: DaddyBigDick

It was the casual afternoon, Mr.Shaw grading papers and thinking about Marissa,the new girl.Her perfect 34c tits,long golden blonde hair,tight ass,and her innocent ice blue eyes.To top that off she was coming to for Tutoring.Mr.Shaw was thinking about how this would go.Then he heard a soft knock...


Views: 891224     Rated: +5 (8)    Comments: 522

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