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Male / Female

Fucking daddy

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 05 May 2004

Authror: .

I haven’t seen my dad in 7 years. After my parents divorced, my mom was so mad, we moved to the West Coast. Last month my mom past away. I stayed with an aunt for the last month to finish school, but now I have to move in with my dad. I, Natasha, am 16, a petite build, standing...


Views: 169525     Rated: +7.86 (599)    Comments: 87

holiday fun

Categories True Story, First Time, Interracial, Male / Female

Published: 12 April 2004

Authror: michelle

When i was 18 years old i spent one month in Italy with my father.He was a coach driver for a holiday company. My father was one of three drivers of a coach,two would drive back to the destination while the third would have a day of rest. One of the drivers was Anthony,he was a good freind of my...


Views: 48330     Rated: +7.11 (172)    Comments: 14

My cuz nikko 2

Categories True Story, Male / Female

Published: 06 April 2004

Authror: Tori

It was about 6:30 and Chelsea went home. Since we were family my mom stayed to talk to nikko's mom. His brother was out and his sister was at a friends house. We were all alone up in his room with our moms talking downstairs. "How long are we going to do this?" I ask him...


Views: 19160     Rated: +7.02 (105)   

Lusting For Sara

Categories Fiction, Male / Female

Published: 01 April 2004

Authror: Dennis

For the record, let me say that up until the other night, I never even thought about cheating on my wife. She's a beautiul woman who at age 35 istill has the same measurments she had when we first met when she was 21. Like I said, I never thought of cheating until Sara came along. Sara is...


Views: 21396     Rated: +6.35 (65)    Comments: 5

Spen and the ballet dancer

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Mature

Published: 26 March 2004

Authror: Mike Clifton

Spen gave Jack the standard 10 dollar fare for the ride up the track from Jack's store to the scattering of houses at the cliff edge. It was the only place he knew where the local taxi was an ancient four-wheel-drive pickup. It was about 100 yards to walk down the path from the track to the...


Views: 32694     Rated: +7.84 (129)    Comments: 8

Virtual Sex

Categories Fiction, Anal, First Time, Male / Female

Published: 22 March 2004

Authror: Francesca

I started masturbating at the age of nine, and ever since I can remember, I have had dark and uncontrollable fantasies. I remember that the bathroom was my favoutire place... experimenting with shampoo bottles, needles, hot water and the likes. I've always had lots of fantasy, and my...


Views: 22608     Rated: +6.68 (74)    Comments: 8

Cross Country Coupling

Categories Fiction, Anal, Male / Female, Mature

Published: 04 March 2004

Authror: bkpr

It was a LONG drive, and Ryan still had three DAYS to go. Two days into his cross country trip, he was already tired of driving, and was not looking forward to three more days of nothing but highway. He was passing through Kansas, and wondering why they ever made it into a state in the first...


Views: 51991     Rated: +7.56 (163)    Comments: 8

Geisha Schoolgirls

Categories Fiction, Asian, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex

Published: 04 March 2004

Authror: Gordie D.

I had spent several months in Japan teaching english to high school students when a friend suggested I visit a geisha house. "It's great. The women feed you, bathe you, play music for you- it's nothing sexual though, it's just a chance for a man to have women be subservient...


Views: 56101     Rated: +5.7 (185)    Comments: 6

Teenage Titties

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Male / Female, Young

Published: 18 February 2004

Authror: thumper

I almost couldn't breath from the way she sucked my entire dick down her teenage throat. She was a-fuckin-mazing. I don't ever recall seeing tits like those either. For one reason or another I loved to fantasize about her showing her new tits to me before any other man had the...


Views: 113842     Rated: +6.99 (279)    Comments: 8

Broken in- in the bible belt part 5

Categories True Story, First Time, Interracial, Male / Female

Published: 17 February 2004

Authror: Wet

I stood in disbelief at the master at work. She placed her palms firmly on his rock hard abs in order to control his young eagerness. Inch by inch she raised her ass off the couch, taking a stop every couple of inches to ease him almost out of her, only to slide up again to gain another delicious...


Views: 36076     Rated: +5.65 (147)    Comments: 4

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