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Home TIme

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Female solo, massage

Published: 25 May 2015

Authror: ohbegentle

Well here I am, it's the middle of the week and just finished work, got home had a shower and a bite to eat. No plans , no boyfriend, a T.V. as my companion. I've read all my books and cannot afford to buy anymore until payday. I have my computer, I guess there's facebook or some...


Views: 6022     Rated: +8.06 (36)    Comments: 4

PHYSIO - Fucked knee.

Categories Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, massage

Published: 25 May 2015

Authror: ohbegentle

red Jones > 34 yrs old, 5'11" ,carpenter by trade. Fred heavily fell at work on a slippery floor, badly damaging his right knee ..... he was taken to the Accident & Emergency department at the local base hospital.After treatment and x-rays, he was sent home in a taxi...he...


Views: 6477     Rated: +8.57 (35)    Comments: 3

Baby Sitter with Potential. No 1

Categories Fantasy, Asian, Erotica, massage

Published: 25 May 2015

Authror: ohbegentle

A Innocent Family / a student babysitter, potential for something to happen ! Part One Jack- husband,Jane - wife , they have two children (boys 1 & 2 yrs old)......... Jack is 37 , 5'11", fit and muscular .... Jane 33,5'6", a very curvacious red head ..... Both...


Views: 20485     Rated: +8.93 (84)    Comments: 4

Babying Heather

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Job/Place-of-work, massage

Published: 02 April 2015

Authror: Shyboy5150

Spring time means the start of Trade Show season in my business which means lots of traveling, hotels and masturbation. I’ve been with my wife now for twenty years and things have become pretty stale with our love life. My wife pretty much only likes sex one way and that’s if she even...


Views: 46410     Rated: +9.37 (206)    Comments: 8

Jamaican Resort Day 5

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, massage

Published: 22 March 2015

Authror: resort

Well in this installment I move to some fantasy. We woke up early the next morning feeling rested and romantic. We took a shower together and I enjoyed caressing you. We were aroused but not ready to do anything about it. We went down to breakfast with the usual crowd. You were wearing your...


Views: 5613     Rated: +7.14 (21)    Comments: 1

A New Day, A New You part 8

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Male / Female, massage

Published: 10 March 2015

Authror: P.O.I.

Guy: One week after Valentine’s Day What scheme do I have to get Stuart face to face with Chez, I don’t. Not because I don’t want to or even because I can’t mind you. It’s because it won’t help. I’ve explained to every one of my friends and wives at...


Views: 23927     Rated: +9.05 (84)    Comments: 48

Indians will do anything for money part 2

Categories Fiction, Drug, Interracial, massage

Published: 10 February 2015

Authror: Pervertboy1

I got a lot of comments about people worried that im saying bad things about India. Just to let you know this is all made up. India is a really good country. india is nothing like how I describe it in the story and nether are indian people. Sorry that I may have made India sound bad. The...


Views: 17694     Rated: +8.48 (125)    Comments: 18

The Stories of Laura, Part 2, Getting to know her

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, massage, Masturbation

Published: 04 February 2015

Authror: kennyjf

I had mixed emotions on the drive home after meeting the author of so many intimate stories that was, in part, based upon myself and my sensuality. Here I am, married, and I'm having active fantasies about an older man who is turning me into jelly. Who I let touch me so intimately just a few...


Views: 4615     Rated: +8.97 (39)   

sex on High School

Categories Fantastic, Boy, massage, Wife

Published: 05 January 2015

Authror: xxwriterxx

pictures of my girlfriend Brooke: binbox.io/AXnti#TTlqrgJ6 My name is Randy and I am a 22 old male. My girlfriend, Brooke, can be super jealous at times and she really hates it that one of my best friends from back in high school is another girl. What makes matters worse is my friend, Jayden,...


Views: 12310     Rated: +6.55 (84)    Comments: 5

The Wrath of Gaia pt 6

Categories Fantasy, Body modification, Male / Female, massage

Published: 16 October 2014

Authror: AthoughtfulJ

The Wrath of Gaia pt 6 So I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I feel like you all should deserve a say in it seeing as it effects you all just as much as myself. I know the main complaint about my story so far is that I just don't write enough. I have known this for a...


Views: 5672     Rated: +9.23 (78)    Comments: 6

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