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True Massage Parlor Story Chapter 2 - Fucking Beth

Categories True Story, Masturbation, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Published: 25 March 2020

Author: Tonykrane01

As I mentioned in the first chapter, when I first started visiting massage parlors I thought all I could do was get jacked off. It took me years to figure out that I could do whatever I wanted most times. I’m not sure how I figured it all out but my time with Steph was new and I think I just...


Views: 17353     Rated: +10 (8)    Comments: 1

Growing up Chapter 9

Categories Diary, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen

Published: 20 March 2020

Author: GoatRavisher

Chapter 9 Late spring is when all the sorority weddings seem to happen. A senior Sister, Stephanie, not one of the "In" sisters, also not great looking, gets married and I'm at the house all the bridesmaids are staying in. On Sunday when everybody's at the big fancy brunch I...


Views: 2610     Rated: +8.46 (26)   

The Game Changer

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Male / Female, Masturbation

Published: 18 March 2020

Author: oooLEEooo

It was game night, my friend Paul is over to watch the game. It's a usually weekly tradition of ours where we sit in front of the TV, get drunk and eat junk. Since my wife left me 6 months ago, it's been the only thing keeping me going in all honesty; that and my daughter Kerry. on game...


Views: 9246     Rated: +8.73 (63)   

Abduction - Taking Care of Our Need Chapter 7

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex

Published: 11 March 2020

Author: Tonykrane01

We had a few drinks on the plane and were feeling pretty good when we landed, got our luggage and made our way to the taxi stand. After a short wait we were on our way and the ride to Bellagio was short. The checkin lines were long however so I told Kelsey she could go sit on one of the couches...


Views: 4156     Rated: +8.62 (29)   

abduction - Taking Care of Our Need Chapter 6

Categories Fiction, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Male / Female

Published: 07 March 2020

Author: Tonykrane01

It may be hard to believe but we did indeed find true love. Kelsey was sincere that she had no plans to run away and report me for what I did to her. We did have to make up a story to explain the missing three days of her life so she first called her boss at the library and told him she resigned...


Views: 4560     Rated: +8.21 (28)    Comments: 1

True Massage Parlor Story Chapter 1 - Steph and My First Assjob

Categories True Story, Blowjob, massage, Masturbation

Published: 05 March 2020

Author: Tonykrane01

I’ve been going to local massage parlors a couple times a year for a while and my experiences have generally been good. I’ll never forget my first time. I was much younger, probably early 40’s and used to cum pretty quickly back then and I had an older girl who was kind of a...


Views: 14057     Rated: +8.93 (140)    Comments: 2

Philippine Visit Part 2

Categories True Story, Cheating, Lactation, Masturbation

Published: 23 February 2020

Author: sexonwheels

I went to the restaurant in the hotel to eat breakfast. The sexy young waitress took my order while we chatted about how beautiful the country is and I love the sunshine. I asked her if she is single but she has a boyfriend for 2 years. But she said she loves foreign men they are handsome. I asked...


Views: 9272     Rated: +8.55 (110)   

Abduction - Taking Care of Our Need Chapter 4

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex

Published: 23 February 2020

Author: Tonykrane01

(Kelsey) Tom went upstairs to get us some drinks and I laid back on the bed and marveled at what he did to me. Did he really just make me cum six times in a row? I didn’t think that was even possible. And then when he shot his cum there was so much plus I wanted it in my mouth. It was only...


Views: 5817     Rated: +8.3 (47)   

Abduction - Taking Care of Our Need Chapter 3

Categories Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Masturbation

Published: 22 February 2020

Author: Tonykrane01

I watched Kelsey sleep for a while and slowly started to drift off but before I did I pulled her nighty up and admired her hot young body. She was literally perfect in every way and she was mine. From the way her legs met to form a perfectly round ass with just the right amount of flesh to slip my...


Views: 4124     Rated: +8.13 (32)   

After I Caught Her

Categories True Story, Masturbation, Wife

Published: 19 February 2020

Author: Haywood72

Let me preface this by describing Terri. Terri is a beautiful 37 year old woman with high cheekbones, deep brown eyes, long legs and a 36 C breast size. Her nipples have light brown areolas the size of silver dollars with pinky size nipples. Her breasts are heavy enough that they have a slight...


Views: 12881     Rated: +8.74 (101)   

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