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13] Evening Train

Categories True Story, Gay, Interracial, Mature

Published: 23 January 2020

Author: Randygay

EVENING TRAIN. As usual the line at the ticket counter was quite long. But today I was not in the bored and jaded mood that had become my normal reaction to this daily event. Reaching the station and getting a ticket for my ride home every day, had soon palled and had become a somewhat...


Views: 5364     Rated: +7.91 (43)   


Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, massage, Mature

Published: 22 January 2020

Author: Frodov

This is a story that is based entirely on a true story from my past. Names and a few details have been changed to provide anonymity for those involved. Discretion is a precious commodity and is becoming rarer and rarer every day. I reached a way back to relive this story for everyone, I was the...


Views: 14776     Rated: +8.87 (151)    Comments: 2

The Sorceror’s Ring

Categories Fantasy, Lesbian, Bestiality, Mature

Published: 22 January 2020

Author: BF

Chapter 1 Thor, Gwendolyn, Krohn Thor was heading straight for Forest Ridge and no one or anything was going to stop him form getting to his love Gwendolyn not the queen, not the king, nothing was going to stand in his way of being with his one true love he was nearing the forest when all of a...


Views: 988     Rated: +6 (6)   

First Time Cuckold

Categories True Story, Cuckold, Mature

Published: 14 January 2020

Author: Haywood72

It must have been about 7 PM when I walked in the door. My job had kept me a little longer than normal, and the Friday night traffic was imposable. I must have startled her when I called out, "Hi honey, I'm home." She jumped a bit with fright, but when she turned around and saw...


Views: 19462     Rated: +8.89 (226)   

Gwen - Not such a bad Christmas after all.

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Mature, Oral Sex

Published: 11 January 2020

Author: Wirdsmiff

Hello, my name is Gwen. My late husband and I used to enjoy reading the adventures and stories on this site. We didn't partake but we enjoyed reading them enormously, thank you all. I never told Neville but I feel I can now tell you that I was a bit worried about the amount of pleasure sex...


Views: 10632     Rated: +9.07 (107)   

Living With Erectile Dysfunction

Categories Diary, Mature

Published: 20 November 2019

Author: OleGeorge

Twenty-one years ago my world was upended. It’s never been the same. While what happened was minor, compared to what many people face in their lives, it has had a deep impact upon me. I had flown half way across the country to see my lover. We had not been together in three years; each...


Views: 1035     Rated: +8.7 (23)   


Categories True Story, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Mature

Published: 06 November 2019

Author: Ken Russell

Here I am sitting on a plane heading to Chicago and then connecting to a commuter to Iowa. Why, I heading to see a friend (and occasional lover) for 2 nights. I’m not sure even if we are going to do anything so much has happened in the 4 years since we last saw each other. I do have a...


Views: 8392     Rated: +9.05 (105)    Comments: 4

Eddie,his friend's mom & Betty

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female, Mature

Published: 26 September 2019

Author: nutzbubby

June Cleaver was a mom to two well-behaved young men 20 year old Waldo & 19 year old Theo . She was your typical American suburban housewife who loved her husband Ward & had been married to him for over 32 years now . 53 year old June was stacked with 40dd breasts , a round fat ass &...


Views: 4544     Rated: +7.56 (41)    Comments: 1

Brother and sister reconnecting

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Published: 21 July 2019

Author: Peterbelli

Well it has been a while. We grew up together, but you were a few years older than me. When you turned 16, you had a fight with our parents over a boyfriend, and moved away to be with him. It devastated me, because we had always been so close. You used to 'babysit' me, and I always came...


Views: 3147     Rated: +8.53 (34)   

Cumming on My Sister's Face

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Published: 21 June 2019

Author: Deniskeane1

Holy fuck. I thought, as I swiped my thumb across my sisters iphone revealing yet another nude selfie. This one was from above as she held her blonde hair up and pouted in that stupid duck-face way that teenage girl do these days. Claire was three years younger than me. She was eighteen and she...


Views: 20794     Rated: +9.41 (306)   

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