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Josh's Hot Mom

Categories True Story, Male / Female, Mature, Wife

Published: 07 May 2006

Authror: mike1999

I have been going to school with my friend Josh’s since sixth grade, but it was not until the ninth grade that he became my best friend. His father, Jim, was Pilipino and had come over some twenty years ago while in the military. After significant financial success, his father had married a...


Views: 119435     Rated: +8.27 (455)    Comments: 23

Another Couple

Categories Fiction, Mature, Wife

Published: 27 April 2006

Authror: john

My wife didn’t want to go to dinner. She kept saying what if they are there. I said so what, they aren’t going to say anything. It seemed like I would never convince her to go to anymore of our meals but I had a plan. “You know tonight is the formal dinner and there is dancing...


Views: 31206     Rated: +7.08 (106)    Comments: 2

Super Sex Machine

Categories True Story, Group Sex, Mature

Published: 07 April 2006

Authror: jeff6342

Several years ago, I had just gotten out of my first marriage which had been a total loss; the girl, also her first marriage, nagged so much I almost couldn't bring myself to have sex with her in spite of her natural good looks. I guess it's true what they say, that "Looks...


Views: 24909     Rated: +7.46 (81)    Comments: 6

My neighbor and me

Categories True Story, Male / Female, Mature, Oral Sex

Published: 01 April 2006

Authror: Huck

A few years ago, when I was only 15, something very special happened to me that I would like to share with all of you. For years my neighbor and I talked often and got along well, despite our age difference. Amanda was 34, and we often talked about things going on. I babysat often for her, because...


Views: 5920     Rated: +7.44 (39)    Comments: 5

A taste of Scum

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Humiliation, Mature

Published: 24 March 2006

Authror: Urs

1. Often it’s the little things that change your life. Two lines of an old song, a trace of scent you all but forgot existed, a face in a crowd looking just like someone you knew and cared about… It sparks a thought, encourages a gesture, the little gears get in motion, the...


Views: 55036     Rated: +7.71 (101)    Comments: 14

My open-minded aunt

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female, Mature

Published: 17 March 2006

Authror: Hans de R

One December evening I received a phone call from an aunt I hadn’t seen for years. It was my aunt Mary, of whom I’d been very fond as a kid. She and her husband had lived near my parents back then and we saw each other often. Since then, however, I had moved away from home when...


Views: 189446     Rated: +8.45 (878)    Comments: 30

lustful sin & closest kin, part 4

Categories True Story, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Mature

Published: 05 March 2006

Authror: lownuts

A little less than a year later, it seemed that things had returned to normal with me and mom. My wife had to have surgery and went in the hospital for a few days. My mother came down to be with her and help us out. She stayed with us at our house; mom insisted she would sleep on the couch even...


Views: 37185     Rated: +8.47 (156)    Comments: 5

Our story

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Mature

Published: 20 February 2006

Authror: Unknown user

It seems we just do not connect too often anymore! So we set up a time and you arrive at my office and make use of the key I had mailed you to let yourself in. (It was after hours) You see a light on in the back room and come back there to see what I am doing. I heard you coming in the door so I...


Views: 10059     Rated: +6.38 (32)    Comments: 1

She was 34, I was 22

Categories True Story, Cheating, Male / Female, Mature

Published: 08 February 2006

Authror: milf ranger

I was working at a fast food joint at the age of 22 and was an assistant manager. One of my duties was hiring employees which was kind of fun. This lady came in to put in her application so I set up an interview and ended up hiring her. She was 34, and on a scale of 1-10 she was probably a 5 at...


Views: 45370     Rated: +7.34 (145)    Comments: 5

A bird in the bush is worth.........?

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Mature

Published: 29 January 2006

Authror: Ricardo

It was a warm sunny day in early summer. The sky was a clear unbroken blue and Sally's original ideas of shopping in the city centre seemed tired and boring. The City heat in the covered shopping area would be far too oppresive and yet the weekly visit to the supermarket could not be put off...


Views: 16035     Rated: +7.56 (77)    Comments: 3

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