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Come on Eileen 2

Categories True Story, Anal, Masturbation, Mature

Published: 24 January 2005

Author: paul

After our first encounter I spent most of the next weeks wanking just thinking about it. I saw Eileen a few times but never on our own so we never got to discuss what we had done. As luck would have it I had to pop round Eileen's on my own after work one day to pick something up. As I entered...


Views: 52120     Rated: +7.46 (159)    Comments: 24

After the swimming party

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Mature

Published: 22 January 2005

Author: JW

After the swimming party. Last spring, I was invited to the wedding of a friend and was requested to stay for the reception; I did not know why but stayed anyway. I did not know anyone except my friend Fred and his new wife. I was setting at a small table drinking some Ice Tea and munching...


Views: 20372     Rated: +7.29 (65)    Comments: 4

UK Council Estate Slags Vol.1: Part Three

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Mature

Published: 06 January 2005

Author: Dan_1

We sat on the edge of Tracey's bed. Her room was twice the size of Kerry's and the bed was of generous proportions, king-sized I guessed... to fit her busty bulk and whoever else was lucky enough to sleep with her! Yet there was no evidence of a man in the room, everything was girlie and...


Views: 22298     Rated: +6.54 (57)    Comments: 2

Another Day For Melvin

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Mature

Published: 31 December 2004

Author: Fugg

For the first time in two days, I stood still and thought. What was I going to do to occupy my time? I had no job and the band didn't have a practice that day. I felt too ansy to watch TV and I felt no urge to listen to music. My mind scanned through hundreds of possabilities in but a few...


Views: 28962     Rated: +7.4 (63)    Comments: 2

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 15

Categories Fantastic, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Mature

Published: 19 December 2004

Author: dank

“I didn’t need to,” Béla was saying as they climbed the steps up to the entrance of a brownstone. “I could see it in his mind. This is the building, but this is not where he was going to take us!” She stopped talking and looked around at the surface of the...


Views: 12737     Rated: +6.71 (49)    Comments: 2

A boy in babeland chapter 11

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Incest, Mature

Published: 26 November 2004

Author: Nemasis Enforcer

It was Sunday now. Kim and Lee had returned home at 8 PM the night before to a few questions from Marie and their sisters, they made some excuses and that was the end of the matter or so they thought. Today was the day that Lee and April agreed to tell all to the rest of the family, they had...


Views: 85622     Rated: +8.13 (487)    Comments: 67

when i first came

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Incest, Mature

Published: 20 November 2004

Author: ron_1

Am a 10 year old fellow, with some good looks, a very pleasing behaviour, that is to the public, in all am taken for a good kid. This is for outward appearances, but inside me am one of the worst, nobody knows anything about my fantasies or the sort of things I have stealthily seen and the things...


Views: 77331     Rated: +6.84 (179)    Comments: 19

Come on Eileen

Categories Fiction, Cum Swallowing, Mature, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 14 November 2004

Author: paul

I had finished work and had gone over to my girlfriend’s parents house to wait for her as I had an hour and a half to kill. When I got there her mother, Eileen was there. I get on well with Eileen and truth be known I would fuck her given half a chance. She is in her forties with Marilyn...


Views: 61377     Rated: +7.14 (236)    Comments: 24


Categories Fiction, Erotica, Mature, Non-consensual sex

Published: 06 November 2004

Author: Gail Holmes

Christina By Gail Holmes Christina pulled her hair to one side allowing it to fall over her shoulder, taking a good at herself in the mirror; she deserved a rest, although it didn’t show in her face. It...


Views: 30910     Rated: +7.33 (72)    Comments: 9

Biker Slut (Fuel Stop part 2)

Categories True Story, Group Sex, Humiliation, Mature

Published: 21 October 2004

Author: Kathy

Biker's Slut What an Easter break. One of the motorcyclists from our story The Fuel Stop had emailed me to say there was a run to the coast over the Easter break, and did Chas and myself want to join them, me especially. I replied saying we would love to go as it was some time since...


Views: 87859     Rated: +7.32 (241)    Comments: 16

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