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Mind Control

Sex With Alien Females

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, BDSM, Mind Control

Published: 10 May 2005

Authror: Eck Master 3

I was putting gas in my car and suddenly had this strange feeling that I was being watched. I looked around and saw these two women looking at me from thier camaro. One was blonde and the other one was blonde. I felt a sexual urge as I made eye contact with them. I desired them, but I also sensed...


Views: 73463     Rated: +5.35 (466)    Comments: 35


Categories Dark Fantasy, Erotica, Hardcore, Mind Control

Published: 24 April 2005

Authror: St. Bobo

"Kiss me again you fool!" So saying she pulled his head to hers and devoured his lips, drawing him deeper into her spell. He was helpless, caught by her surprisingly strong arms, and though his mind screamed that this was wrong, that he couldn't, his body wanted her. It was...


Views: 31845     Rated: +7.37 (127)    Comments: 11

Forced To Be A Stripper-A Mind Control Story

Categories Fiction, Humiliation, Mind Control, Reluctance

Published: 25 November 2004

Authror: Powerone

Forced to Be a Stripper-A Mind Control Story By Powerone Copyright 2004 M+/f, mc, oral, anal, nc, reluc The John Mellencamp song was blaring loudly as Vanessa danced around under the lights. "I want you to dance naked, so I can see you, I’d like to get to know you, you...


Views: 179193     Rated: +7.68 (610)    Comments: 59


Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Mind Control, Male / Female

Published: 08 November 2004

Authror: Gail Holmes

Doreen By Gail Holmes Doreen had been with the occult best part of her life, now she had her own practice, using meeting places in various local towns or villages, she built up quite a community and was respected by her...


Views: 55287     Rated: +5.53 (81)    Comments: 1

Rosemary's Penis

Categories Fiction, First Time, Male / Female, Mind Control

Published: 04 November 2004

Authror: Barometz

She could be a real cow at times, my sister Lilian. But when she was a bridesmaid at our cousin Carol‘s wedding, I had to admit, though only to myself, that she looked absolutely fantastic. After the ceremony, the two bridesmaids and the bride lined up for a photo and honestly you...


Views: 51866     Rated: +7.96 (196)    Comments: 9

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 07

Categories Fantastic, Mind Control, Non-Erotic

Published: 29 October 2004

Authror: dank

It was two weeks later. The ground was just now thawing enough for spring planting. The Great Bard had convinced the farmers who had worked on the university foundation last summer to start on the brick walls, but now they were gone, attending to their own plowing and planting. Béla...


Views: 16804     Rated: +7.5 (62)    Comments: 5

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 02

Categories Fantastic, Mind Control, Non-Erotic

Published: 19 October 2004

Authror: dank

A small passenger carrier was approaching Northern Depot. The wind from the craft blew stronger as four giant blades churned faster in their housings, throwing air forward to slow the craft. The wind whipped Béla’s hair, stinging her cheeks as she faced away from the landing pad to...


Views: 17696     Rated: +7.94 (53)    Comments: 6

Emma and the master part 2

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Mind Control, BDSM

Published: 21 September 2004

Authror: Deacon Brodie

Ranulph's Story My name is Ranulph and I am 23 years old. I have a large house left to me by my parents and it has riding stables attached. I have always thought that girls who ride horses are some of the sexiest girls around, especially when they are dressed up in their gear for...


Views: 35526     Rated: +6.12 (103)    Comments: 6

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