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Mind Control

Revolutionary Magic #100: A Cell, A Spell

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Lesbian, Mind Control

Published: 12 August 2006

Authror: Unknown user

It was shortly after noon and Neress was lying on the bed in the tiny chamber which had been turned into her cell. The winter sun shone through the translucent parchment covering the tiny window, doing nothing to chase the winter's chill from the room. A knock on the door was noted and...


Views: 12069     Rated: +6.06 (47)    Comments: 3

Math Teacher

Categories Fiction, Lactation, Mind Control, Voyeurism

Published: 07 August 2006

Authror: Story_guy00

Here is a little story I am writing for fun.....all people and places are fictional...if you wish to comment, please do so...... It was just like any other day for 20 year old Jason. He woke up, got dressed, went down for breakfast. Just before he got downstairs he heard his parents yelling...


Views: 20620     Rated: +7.71 (42)    Comments: 2

Power of the Mind

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Mind Control

Published: 07 August 2006

Authror: masteroftime888

Andrew was 16 and ever since he started going through puberty he's had a power over people. When they are asleep he can take their consiousness from their body into his own mind. To them it seems like they have had a praticularly vivid dream. Our story begins the night of August 5th...


Views: 46535     Rated: +8.61 (142)    Comments: 16

Bizarre! part 3

Categories Fantastic, Bestiality, Interracial, Mind Control

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: ZZZ

Ruggles fell asleep next to Wim, who was shaken about the whole issue concerning the mysterious man they had seen before. Ruggles assured him that everything would work out, but it wasn't working. "Come on Wim, it's alright! You know, I never knew my parents. I'm fine. I meanI...


Views: 40102     Rated: +3.94 (177)    Comments: 8

teacher gets a hard look

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Masturbation, Mind Control

Published: 06 May 2006

Authror: sirjohn247

Mr. Higgins, History professor, was a little dismayed as he began to start the class. A glance around the room as he entered confirmed that Janice, the object of his pleasure in teaching this class was not here. One of the joys in his job was being able to ogle and mentally undress the young...


Views: 47465     Rated: +7.12 (153)    Comments: 11

The Girl Next door

Categories Dark Fantasy, Domination/submission, Extreme, Mind Control

Published: 01 March 2006

Authror: FINC

The young couple had bid farewell for the evening and returned to their house next door. And once again I was relieved and yet a little frustrated to see them go. With our children now grown we had time on our hands and regularly whiled away the hours with people in the neighbourhood. The couple...


Views: 105764     Rated: +7.13 (332)    Comments: 17

Course of Treatment

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Job/Place-of-work, Mind Control

Published: 31 August 2005

Authror: GARY

COURSE OF TREATMENT A few months ago, I would not have dreamed that I would be in this situation. Not that the situation is necessarily bad, but the utterly blatant ethical breaches that I have committed sometimes weigh heavily on my conscience. Were they to ever be revealed to the licensing...


Views: 85784     Rated: +8.03 (518)    Comments: 40

New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 11

Categories Fantastic, Death, Mind Control

Published: 25 July 2005

Authror: dank

Two matching sets of almond-dark eyes gazed quietly at each other over Jake’s hairy chest as he lay gently snoring in the center of the bed. Two dark-haired beauties lay, one head on each of his shoulders as they rested. Although Jake was exhausted from their sexual romp, the two vampire...


Views: 17595     Rated: +7.36 (44)    Comments: 3

New Beginnings - Pt 3 Ch 04

Categories Fantastic, Lesbian, Mind Control

Published: 25 June 2005

Authror: dank

“Jake and Béla; Frank and Tanya; Macario and Lisa; Jake the Chairman and Tabatha. Alicia is unattached, as is her oldest daughter, Jackie. Strangely enough, although their bodies are altered by vampire blood just like ours are, those two seem to have lower sex drives than Béla,...


Views: 20270     Rated: +7.93 (54)    Comments: 8

Don't Forget to tip the Waitress

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Mind Control

Published: 04 June 2005

Authror: Erotic Yahoo

Don't Forget to tip the Waitress She awakened with a start. Everything hurt, and hurt bad. She groaned and rolled over, her wrists and ankles hurt and she rubbed them together, just moving alone hurt, but she had small bruises on her wrists and ankles. Next she reached down and felt...


Views: 58488     Rated: +7.19 (191)    Comments: 15

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