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I was never the same and nether was she

Categories Fantastic, Monster

Published: 04 September 2009

Authror: xynotx

First story please comment I was human before the experiments and I joined it for the money. The money I had saved while in the army was gone even with work what side jobs I could get. There was going to be a 20k pay out at the end of it. The experiment was supposed to increase cell growth for...


Views: 16529     Rated: +8 (65)    Comments: 8

Flashes of Lightning

Categories Dark Fantasy, Mind Control, Monster, Reluctance

Published: 28 August 2009

Authror: Silk Wyrm

Flashes of Lightning On the surface everything seemed perfect. The four men were wearing black robes and chanting. There was a virgin tied down to the center of the circle. Her ankles were tied down to a hook in the cement floor, and her wrists were tied each to another hook in the floor....


Views: 14646     Rated: +8.33 (42)   

Tattia the Transformatrix Ch1

Categories Fantastic, Mind Control, Monster, Murder

Published: 28 August 2009

Authror: Silk Wyrm

Tattia the Transformatrix (m?/f, NC, v, transformation, snuff) Tattia was an anxious girl. She kept having fantasies about other women. She found other women attractive, but these fantasies were violent. She dreamed about doing terrible things to other women. This in and of itself was not all...


Views: 16263     Rated: +7.63 (59)    Comments: 4

Welcome to the wasteland

Categories Fantastic, Monster, Teen, Virginity

Published: 09 August 2009

Authror: General RAAM

This is the first story ive written. Please no hateful coments. Besides, its better to make a friend than an enemy. The irradiated waters felt cold against scales as I bathed in the radioactive lake. Though I was immune to the effects of radiation the waters always felt dirty and full of...


Views: 20603     Rated: +9.01 (142)    Comments: 25

Little Red

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bestiality, Cruelty, Monster

Published: 04 March 2009

Authror: Cheshirecat

[ N.B. This story doesn't have a proper ending. Once you get to the end, try going back to the start. Then it makes sense. ;) ] Her juices at that time of month were thick and white. One clawed finger dipped into her, lifted the sweet, honey-scented sap to his nose. He licked it...


Views: 329238     Rated: +9.07 (864)    Comments: 64

The first time I saw the creature

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bestiality, Monster, Teen

Published: 01 December 2008

Authror: Komoe

Note from author : I am not great at writing stories. Note that there may be plenty of grammatical errors. I was dared to go in the house. Thats how it started. The house was supposed to be abandoned, but rumor of missing people and monsters made it something out of a horro movie. I was 16, my...


Views: 40551     Rated: +7.85 (214)    Comments: 11

[SAGBA] Cat-Girl vs. Tentacle Monster

Categories Fantasy, Extreme, Female solo, Monster

Published: 04 June 2007

Authror: RYUNO

(Camera is on some exceedingly excitable blonde guy holding a microphone that says TIM on it) Tim: WELCOME to the Super Anime Girl Battle Arena Network! Our contestants for tonights match are! (Camera pans off to the right, and it shows a young girl with hazel eyes, light brown hair, cat...


Views: 45200     Rated: +6.93 (170)    Comments: 22

Star Wars The Choices We Make Trilogy Part 2: Aftermath

Categories Fantastic, Dark Fantasy, Mind Control, Monster

Published: 06 April 2007

Authror: Immortal Beloved

STAR WARS: AFTERMATH PART 2 It’s been two years since Nom Anor’s death and Trixie’s capture and Coruscant is slowly bringing in most of it’s popular merchants. Lucius had gotten over what happened on Myrkr but it still tore at his heart like a fish hook causing...


Views: 35695     Rated: +5.61 (51)    Comments: 11

harry potter 15 The True Hero Falls

Categories Fantastic, Cruelty, Fiction, Monster

Published: 18 March 2007

Authror: Unknown user

Harry turned to the door just as a flash of green light flew past his head. Bellatrix was standing there with her wand pointed at Harry. He ducked behind his hospital bed just as another curse hit the bedspread and caught it on fire. Harry pointed his wand at the door and sent a spell (nvbl) back...


Views: 24656     Rated: +6.4 (58)    Comments: 24

My wife loves black cock Part 2#

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Interracial, Monster

Published: 10 August 2006

Authror: tazzz

When I left off in part one my wife and I went to a company party at my bosses manison. Sue had already had taken on 4 big dicked blackmen and she wanted somemore huge black cocks to fuck her senseless. When Dion had finished with her Frank my boss and the 3 friends Tony ,Ted ,Dion and myself...


Views: 102220     Rated: +7.9 (602)    Comments: 21

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