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Rebuilding the Union chapter 2

Categories Fantastic, Mind Control, Monster

Published: 11 June 2015

Authror: Interesting Reed

Chapter 2 "A Guard patrolling the area saw a few Mutant Bruisers." Terrie told April as she was catching her breath. "Bruisers...crap thats not good. The deserters were locked up by some Bruisers they have to be going back to get them." April knew the Guards could handle the...


Views: 7375     Rated: +7.78 (18)    Comments: 1

Something In The Woods

Categories Fantastic, Consensual Sex, Monster

Published: 11 April 2015

Authror: tw_holt

Author’s Note: I don’t profess to be an expert on a creature that may or may not even exist. Some of the things you’ll read in this story have been read, watched, and listened to online by me (the Ohio howls for example). On the other hand, some of the things in this story are...


Views: 29246     Rated: +9.21 (139)    Comments: 6

Morgan's Curse, Ch. 2 of 4

Categories Fantasy, Group Sex, Male / Female, Monster

Published: 16 March 2015

Authror: haramiru

Morgan's Curse, Ch. 2 / 4 The Events Thus Far Morgan Le Fay is Merlin's ex-lover, cursed to jump bodies forever due to a past indiscretion. She's out to kill Merlin and break her curse, now that he's been reborn (see "Merlin's Magic Wang" for that story)....


Views: 57435     Rated: +9.24 (119)    Comments: 3

Wolf of the night Pt1

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Monster, Non-consensual sex

Published: 07 March 2015

Authror: DrippingFangs_LadyWolf

The leaves rustled softly as I crept through the night, I could smell their decay as I drew in a breath to track the woman that had been through here only minutes ago. Her vanilla scented lotion hung in the air, bouncing off the sensitive hairs on the tip of my nose. I had been keeping...


Views: 18537     Rated: +8.92 (83)    Comments: 6

The Five Forms of Kimber Chapter 2: Earth Stone

Categories Fantasy, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Rape

Published: 02 March 2015

Authror: Perv Otaku

CHAPTER 2: EARTH STONE Kimber crept quietly through the nighttime forest, looking for a decent clearing to start a fire in order to cook the rabbit she'd caught and killed earlier. Instead, she noticed the glow of an existing fire up ahead of her. She approached with caution, but found...


Views: 7004     Rated: +8.67 (45)   

The Five Forms of Kimber Chapter 3: Water Stone

Categories Fantasy, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex

Published: 02 March 2015

Authror: Perv Otaku

CHAPTER 3: WATER STONE Kimber and Jonath stood in the sand, with the newly risen sun behind them, looking out at the waves as they lapped against the shore. It was the end of a long journey, which had indeed included some ogre-slaying, as well as a generous amount of sex between the two of...


Views: 4924     Rated: +9.09 (33)    Comments: 4

The Sixth Prince - Part 5

Categories Dark Fantasy, Fantastic, Monster, Pregnant

Published: 21 January 2015

Authror: linky_fangs

My apologies for the extreme delay, but here is the next part in the series! It has been a dramatic, life changing year for me, and I would like thank everyone here who has supported and encouraged me along the way. All of the bright messages and comments truly make my day and inspire me to write...


Views: 14930     Rated: +9.33 (89)    Comments: 35

A Computer Geek's Personal Zombie Apocalypse

Categories Fiction, Monster

Published: 06 January 2015

Authror: Cynthia1986

While I have always loved zombie movies or zombie stories in general. I didn’t think they were very realistic. Don’t get me wrong I certainly thought it was possible a widespread viral epidemic could rapidly spread through the population causing people to flail around mindlessly like...


Views: 6698     Rated: +7.55 (53)    Comments: 2

Hiding From The Apocalypse

Categories Dark Fantasy, Monster

Published: 06 January 2015

Authror: Cynthia1986

We barricaded the girl's dorm room door with Kinzie's dresser as our infected dorm mates had began running up and down on the hall beating on doors and trying to push them open looking for uninfected males to feed on. After we finished that chore we worked on tying the girl's sheets...


Views: 6139     Rated: +7.86 (42)    Comments: 3

Bane of The Huntress part 2

Categories Dark Fantasy, Fiction, Monster, Non-Erotic

Published: 24 December 2014

Authror: SonofArtemis

I originally put in part one, that he is in the second grade when he gets to camp. Well I guess it doesn't quite fit in with the story, so I changed it and he's in fith grade. Sorry about that. Oh and by the way, to people who would report me to moderators, a 5th grader not actually...


Views: 4198     Rated: +7.78 (18)    Comments: 5

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