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Phoenix ch 10

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Female solo, Masturbation

Published: 01 September 2004

Author: dank

“Now, Katie, this won’t hurt a bit,” Dr. McCarty promised cheerfully. Fifteen-year-old Katie flinched back anyway as she glared at that wicked-looked ‘thing’ held delicately in the doctor’s white-gloved hand. “Now, sweetie,” Tanya said in the...


Views: 19052     Rated: +8.02 (63)    Comments: 3

Tales of the eKids Chapter 01

Categories Fantastic, Male / Female, Romance

Published: 01 September 2004

Author: Andrew Wiggin_1

Tales of the eKids: E-man Loves Emmy © 2004 by Andrew Wiggin Author’s note: This is a sequel to my story, “Death by Fucking”. Your understanding of this story would be enhanced by referring to that earlier book. Joe J’s epic Twice Lucky is the source of several...


Views: 16284     Rated: +9.03 (98)    Comments: 10

Phoenix ch 01

Categories Fantastic, BDSM, Wife

Published: 07 August 2004

Author: dank

Tanya danced across the stage and flipped her pale blue garter high over the heads of the cheering crowd. She was stripped down to her matching blue lingerie – corset, panties and stockings, now, and the corset only covered the lower halves of her large areolas, barely concealing her...


Views: 36627     Rated: +8.14 (167)    Comments: 9

Phoenix ch 02

Categories Fantastic, Consensual Sex, Rape

Published: 07 August 2004

Author: dank

“Good morning, Nikka,” Diana called out from her doorway as she waved at the dark-haired shepherdess. Nikka waited patiently while Diana herded her three sheep out of the back pen and added them to the ones Nikka was collecting. The two hugged quickly then Diana hurried back into...


Views: 25044     Rated: +8.5 (84)    Comments: 6

Phoenix ch 03

Categories Fantastic, Female solo

Published: 07 August 2004

Author: dank

“How about this one?” Tanya asked playfully. Frank looked up from his reading and gazed at the laptop on the bed. There was a wicked looking pistol on the display screen. “It’s an electric, chrome-plated BB pistol,” Tanya explained enthusiastically. “You can...


Views: 16713     Rated: +7.86 (81)    Comments: 2

Phoenix ch 04

Categories Fantastic, Non-Erotic

Published: 07 August 2004

Author: dank

Béla was behind the wheel of her exotic little red sports car. She glared at Frank. He folded his arms and glared back at her. It was after two a.m. in the morning and she was fed up with all those military types and the way they looked at her like she was some kind of freak....


Views: 21943     Rated: +5.95 (134)    Comments: 8

tina rides david

Categories Fantastic, Authoritarian, Consensual Sex, Hardcore

Published: 16 June 2004

Author: Angel

As Tina’s plane was landing, her thoughts drifted back to the last time she saw David. It excited her to remember how it felt to have him hold her, to caress her body so possessively, to murmur into her ear how he was going to play with her body until she begged him to fuck her. She knew she...


Views: 34255     Rated: +6.04 (147)    Comments: 14

My aunt and my fantasy

Categories Fantastic, Anal, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore

Published: 15 June 2004

Author: Son of God

It was another summer, just like any other, usually boring, and miserable. Every summer I went up to New York to visit my dad because he and my mom got divorced. It just so happend that this summer I was turning 16 and my whole family was getting together to celebrate, it was sure to be a good...


Views: 110318     Rated: +7.21 (544)    Comments: 47

Sex on a Saturday

Categories Fantastic, Blowjob, BDSM, Consensual Sex

Published: 10 June 2004

Author: tmack&dee

Aaaahhhh! Alas another Saturday. A day of leisure. I don’t have to worry about traffic jams that make me late for work or what my boss, ‘fat ass’ Katie will have to say about it. No customers asking me for absurd requests like a red wedding cake with purple icing or mango chutney...


Views: 39600     Rated: +6.44 (118)    Comments: 22

T-shirt Pt 2

Categories Fantastic, Anal

Published: 03 June 2004

Author: MIssNDecisive

Now pumping your hardness in my tight wet hole fucking me just the way I like it. You have made my pussy so wet I can feel my juices dripping down to my ass. I can feel your cock pounding deep in my pussy. You have me screaming for more. I feel you slowly pull your cock out of my tight hole....


Views: 25289     Rated: +5.55 (83)    Comments: 14

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