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Non-consensual sex

Accidental Love

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex

Published: 18 May 2004

Author: Amaranthus

The ancient, dusty cobweb expanded as the warm air tugged at its weakened skeletal fabric. A rumbling swelled within the confines of the underground station; a roaring sound interspersed with the 'clickety clack' of steel wheels hammering on a steel track. Like a bullet from a gun the...


Views: 35065     Rated: +7.28 (124)    Comments: 9

Sweet Revenge

Categories Fiction, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Teen

Published: 18 May 2004

Author: Amaranthus

Tommy's my name and I believe I'm a typical, sexually frustrated fifteen year old. I live at home with my parents and older sister, Jennifer. I get along fine with my parents but, until very recently, not so well with Jennifer. She's three years older than I and a freshman at a two...


Views: 177777     Rated: +7.67 (1256)    Comments: 126

Tied and Tried

Categories True Story, BDSM, Non-consensual sex

Published: 06 May 2004

Author: Jennifer Doalfer

Hi guys, In my last posting I mentioned something about men fantasising about their wives being with other men. Judging from some of the mails I have received, it seems to be a hot topic. One guy asked if really I have never dreamt about being with somebody else with my husband present. From my...


Views: 36992     Rated: +7.28 (103)    Comments: 8

Stupid Sexy

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Teen

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: text slut

I was in psych 101, trying to catch up on some of my reading before my night class started, when this chirpy redhead with more tits than brains sat down in the desk next to me. "Hi, my name's Andrea Page! What's your name?" "Debbie Chang," I said, reluctantly...


Views: 46874     Rated: +7.42 (168)    Comments: 30

Who has Who Here!

Categories True Story, Bestiality, First Time, Non-consensual sex

Published: 15 April 2004

Author: Barbie

My first experience with bestiality was a number of years ago and happened quite by accident. i was living with my boy friend who had a house and some land outside of town. he had horses so there was a barn and some small out buildings on his place. While out riding Jake came across a dog and...


Views: 533869     Rated: +7.97 (3949)    Comments: 208

My Rapist - part 1

Categories Fiction, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Andrew Wiggin

My husband and I have made a fairly good life for ourselves. We’ve worked hard, saved as much as we could, and lived within our means. Both of us are professionals, so our combined incomes add up to a tidy sum. After ten years of marriage we managed to buy a house on the beach on the Outer...


Views: 287922     Rated: +7.64 (1627)    Comments: 111

My Rapist - part 2

Categories Fiction, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: Andrew Wiggin

I’ve occasionally read pornography. I’m a healthy red-blooded American woman and I have internet access. Sometimes I’ll wander on to the occasional porn site and read the stories. (I much prefer the stories to the pictures.) I have a fantasy life, and sometimes I use the stories...


Views: 83450     Rated: +7.76 (360)    Comments: 51

A Mining Colony-Prison part 1

Categories Fantastic, Bestiality, Non-consensual sex

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: SwampRat & Sir Brucie

The pick rose, striking the impacted earth. Again, it fell to gouge at the dirt. A guard eyed the muscular body with more than just passing interest. It was pretty much devoid of scars.. The face had some interesting ones, however. He chuckled to himself, wishing it was closer to End-Shift....


Views: 102139     Rated: +3.97 (210)    Comments: 23

A Mining Colony-Prison part 2

Categories Fantastic, Bestiality, Non-consensual sex

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: SwampRat & Sir Brucie

When they got back, The Rabbit found he had to be elsewhere.. Growling, he asked a guard to watch the male, as quite a few other wouldn't mind a crack at the being, off-limits or not. A big, furry form imposed itself in the door.. "We take care of our own, Insider.." The rabbit...


Views: 47797     Rated: +4.75 (80)    Comments: 3

A Mining Colony-Prison part 3 (end)

Categories Fantastic, Bestiality, Non-consensual sex

Published: 06 March 2004

Author: SwampRat & Sir Brucie

For some reason, the long chamber that housed the bathroom became the canine's favorite resting place the next day.. Because every break somebody would come over and whisper something to Delkyn. Who would then gasp, look over at his bunk-mate, growl and make a bee-line for the door. Of...


Views: 37881     Rated: +5.09 (75)    Comments: 2

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