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New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 3

Categories Fantastic, Non-Erotic

Published: 12 April 2005

Authror: dank

Non-Erotic means THERE IS NO SEX IN THIS CHAPTER!! Chairman Jake Hedron and his Empath wife were at the city hospital. “How soon will he be awake?” Jake asked the doctor in the emergency room. Because of his status as head of security, Jake Hedron wasn’t confined to...


Views: 16760     Rated: +7.89 (135)    Comments: 6

Phoenix Pt 4 Epilog

Categories Fantastic, Non-Erotic

Published: 07 January 2005

Authror: dank

The sign on the frosted glass door said, 'Tomlin Corporation'. In smaller print, two lines centered below the corporate name read: 'Raymond Blacker', 'Chief of Security'. The courier knocked twice on the door, then entered without waiting for a response. The strong...


Views: 14288     Rated: +6.57 (44)    Comments: 5

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 14

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Non-Erotic

Published: 16 December 2004

Authror: dank

The great ship was passing Earth’s moon. They were only hours away, now. ‘We should go down to the arborium!’ Beth cried in Béla’s mind. ‘One last time, Sister!’ An anxious lust accompanied her thought. They teleported down to the arborium to see...


Views: 14416     Rated: +6.52 (58)    Comments: 2

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 09

Categories Fantastic, Non-Erotic

Published: 27 November 2004

Authror: dank

The sonic boom was followed by the constant roar of a ramjet, indicating that the approaching craft had slowed to less than the speed of sound. It was circling high above his cabin in a tight arc, rapidly losing speed and altitude. ‘It might be Frank and Tanya coming to visit,’ he...


Views: 13579     Rated: +6.79 (47)    Comments: 3

Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 05

Categories Fantastic, Body modification, Non-Erotic

Published: 17 November 2004

Authror: dank

In the forth month of their journey, the great ship entered the asteroid belt. The two princesses took turns on Bridge watch, manning the heavy lasers they used to clear their orbit of asteroidal debris. ‘I wish I could straddle my legs around this great gun and fire it up my...


Views: 14689     Rated: +7.17 (42)    Comments: 2

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 09

Categories Fantastic, Non-Erotic

Published: 03 November 2004

Authror: dank

2079 a.d. - Autumn Elaine and Béla were on Béla’s big four-poster bed. It had been almost two years since Béla had announced her intention to return to Earth when the great ship high above them departed. ‘I already miss you,’ Elaine thought sadly to her...


Views: 13819     Rated: +7.12 (65)    Comments: 1

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 07

Categories Fantastic, Mind Control, Non-Erotic

Published: 29 October 2004

Authror: dank

It was two weeks later. The ground was just now thawing enough for spring planting. The Great Bard had convinced the farmers who had worked on the university foundation last summer to start on the brick walls, but now they were gone, attending to their own plowing and planting. Béla...


Views: 16789     Rated: +7.5 (62)    Comments: 5

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 06

Categories Fantastic, Non-Erotic

Published: 26 October 2004

Authror: dank

Béla awoke to the sun in her eyes. It was blinding bright. She was out on her balcony and into the air before she was fully awake, suddenly realizing it was still freezing outside. Nevertheless, she flew several summersaults in the brightly-lit sky before she returned to the warmth of the...


Views: 14615     Rated: +7.54 (48)    Comments: 1

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 03

Categories Fantastic, Dark Fantasy, Non-Erotic, Violence

Published: 20 October 2004

Authror: dank

The goddess leaned against her consort’s bare chest, his arm around her waist. They stood naked on the balcony of the manor watching the southern crystal sun. In the last several hours, it had dimmed enough to be viewed directly, and was emitting very little heat. In another hour or so, it...


Views: 15306     Rated: +7.04 (50)    Comments: 4

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 02

Categories Fantastic, Mind Control, Non-Erotic

Published: 19 October 2004

Authror: dank

A small passenger carrier was approaching Northern Depot. The wind from the craft blew stronger as four giant blades churned faster in their housings, throwing air forward to slow the craft. The wind whipped Béla’s hair, stinging her cheeks as she faced away from the landing pad to...


Views: 17681     Rated: +7.94 (53)    Comments: 6

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