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Oral Sex

It started in Vegas

Categories Fiction, Oral Sex, Romance

Published: 25 January 2020

Author: mrmaxters

Amber and her husband Mark were traveling to Vegas. Amber had been pestering Mark to read a book on improving relationships but Mark insisted that he didn’t need to read the book, saying that “If a relationship needs help, then it is basically over.” Amber had been struggling...


Views: 2883     Rated: +8.84 (43)   

The Tutor

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Threesome

Published: 11 January 2020

Author: Winston_Smith

The Tutor When I was a senior, I made money as a math tutor for other students. My main pupil was Sarah Slattery. A year behind me, she was smart pretty, popular and flunking calculus. Her stepmother was paying me twenty five dollars an hour to tutor Sarah to pass the proficiency final at...


Views: 21129     Rated: +9.09 (219)   

Gwen - Not such a bad Christmas after all.

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Mature, Oral Sex

Published: 11 January 2020

Author: Wirdsmiff

Hello, my name is Gwen. My late husband and I used to enjoy reading the adventures and stories on this site. We didn't partake but we enjoyed reading them enormously, thank you all. I never told Neville but I feel I can now tell you that I was a bit worried about the amount of pleasure sex...


Views: 10629     Rated: +9.07 (107)   

The Medallion - Chapter 10

Categories Fiction, Incest, Mind Control, Oral Sex

Published: 09 January 2020

Author: Sadistic_Dominant

Tuesday Afternoon - part 1 Jack Winters pulled up in front of a nice looking house on Elm street. Mia and Maya sat in the back seat and they had barely been able to keep their hands off of each other. Emily was in the front passenger seat, her cunt visible beneath her miniskirt, due to her lack...


Views: 6522     Rated: +9.18 (61)   

'The Misadventures of Madeline Gerard: Part I'

Categories Diary, Group Sex, Oral Sex

Published: 07 December 2019

Author: elreverso

Madeline enjoyed travelling, she took a distinct pleasure in trains, buses and especially planes. This pleasure did not stem from a sincere interest in mechanised transportation, but simply one that came from a love of being around strangers, because where there are strangers there are boys and...


Views: 1037     Rated: +5.45 (11)   

Fat, flat and sexy

Categories True Story, Female solo, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Published: 27 November 2019

Author: Aden46

Fat, flat and wet I was on business travel and drove to a favorite theater after an early dinner. This place only had 6 rows of seats, about ten in each row. The back wall was open and accessible of course. I settled in a middle row, middle seat and waited for the after dinner/late comments...


Views: 2094     Rated: +6.5 (20)   

Caught jacking off

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Oral Sex

Published: 20 November 2019

Author: Luvagobfull

I lived alone in my house that I inherited from my parents. My mom had died in a car accident before I started school and dad of cancer before I could drive. So I had the house to myself and once the neighbors sold their property, almost a year ago I felt I had the yard to myself. I...


Views: 11448     Rated: +8 (20)    Comments: 1

Caught Jacking Off #2

Categories Fiction, Oral Sex

Published: 20 November 2019

Author: Luvagobfull

Once the kids were back, what happened that day became a memory, at first. For a week or two, there were no more words spoken and only an odd wave from Gina. I kept getting flashbacks. These flashbacks weren’t about Gina and her well maintained toned body or her platinum blonde locks,...


Views: 2890     Rated: +8.84 (43)   

Taught by My Tutor

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Published: 06 November 2019

Author: stifflittlepoints

I was a healthy 14-year-old girl. Some found me very attractive, others not so much. I was 5'2, outgoing, tall and lanky . . . had a big social circle of friends who adored me, a loving home, and a good education. With my long black hair that reached to my waist, pink full lips, tiny hips and...


Views: 19167     Rated: +8.93 (205)   

Deep In The Woods

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Oral Sex

Published: 05 November 2019

Author: heminguey

The uphill path was well worn, with cut logs fashioned into steps every so often to hold back dirt and rocks and help prevent erosion. They were welcomed by our feet, breaks from the otherwise rough limestone rocks that outlined the rest of the path thru the woods. I kept my head down as we went,...


Views: 2568     Rated: +9.55 (22)   

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