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A bumper harvest 1

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bestiality, Rape, BDSM

Published: 25 December 2005

Authror: shane36

Hanna's mother came rushing out of the house and headed next door to Angie's folks.From my vantage point halfway down the street and with the benefit of the binoculars I could see something was amiss!Fuck! it was hot in the van.Persperation was running down my sides from under my arms.I...


Views: 96334     Rated: +7.51 (261)    Comments: 20

Me my dogs and abducted teens

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Rape, Violence

Published: 24 December 2005

Authror: shane36

Heart pounding,more with excitement than the fear of being discovered.I was in the clear!nobody could have seen her getting into my van.I could'nt believe my luck was still holding and it was so fucking easy!The first one had been easy but she was dumb,yummy but dumb. The flash of...


Views: 153122     Rated: +7.96 (370)    Comments: 33

Me my dogs and abducted teens 2

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Rape, Violence

Published: 24 December 2005

Authror: shane36

Her moan was enough.It was crux time.I called the boys away.This was the first bitch Earl showed reluctance to leave.They were sitting either side of me.Earl was bordering on disobedience with his want to mount this piece of prime pussy.I walked over to her.I caught her eye.Her face was...


Views: 98904     Rated: +8.31 (354)    Comments: 30

Naomi 15

Categories True Story, Rape

Published: 22 December 2005

Authror: shane36

Oh but where to start...a short history I suppose!I married Stacey when I was 23.We worked together and one night one thing lead to another.She hadn't been with someone for ages (She had only ever been with one man before me).I had been drinking and it took me forever to cum.Eventually...


Views: 54112     Rated: +7.48 (206)    Comments: 25

Vicious Plan

Categories Fantasy, Male / Female, Rape, Threesome

Published: 14 December 2005


The vicious plan- FF7 lemon by MISTER BIG T This story happens after the Good laid lemon. "I'm warning you guys! If you try anything, anything at all I will break your balls!" Tifa screamed to the soldiers surrounding her. There were some sweat around her forehead and she...


Views: 24825     Rated: +4.63 (38)    Comments: 9

Monster--The Transformation Begins...

Categories Dark Fantasy, Lesbian, Rape

Published: 13 November 2005

Authror: CrazyDiamond

Vickie came up behind her husband as he sat at the computer. She placed her hand on his shoulder and asked "What are you doing, George?" "Oh, hi, honey. I'm just starting to work on tomorrow's issue of Stunners, number 200 to be exact." "Can I help you...


Views: 19607     Rated: +7.34 (73)    Comments: 6

frist rape n tape

Categories True Story, Blackmail, Rape, Teen

Published: 06 November 2005

Authror: ken kiniff

Hey,My name is Austin.Im 18 and im not such a dark skin pourter ricann.Im 5'8'',skinny and pretty sexy.and my story start's when i was 17,i was in school.It was a normale day at school like any other,most of the kid's at school was more preppy then me,i was along the...


Views: 85435     Rated: +3.64 (240)    Comments: 44

daddy's and my secret

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, BDSM, Rape

Published: 23 October 2005

Authror: Leanna Burchfield

It all started when I was 15 years old. I had 34C breasts and had an average looking body. I wouldn't say I had the best looking body ever but it was nice. i was in our basement that day and i was on one of my favorite game sites when all of a sudden a pop-up for porn came on to my...


Views: 135426     Rated: +7.04 (453)    Comments: 47

Raping Leigh

Categories Fiction, Cum Swallowing, Rape, School

Published: 21 September 2005

Authror: bob_3

Leigh sat in front of me in 10th grade science. I was fifteen, and she was fifteen. I'd never fucked a girl, the most I'd ever done was make out and finger a girl. I had no idea about her. She was one of the popular girls, always laughing or giggling with her friends. Me, on the other...


Views: 81174     Rated: +6.47 (235)    Comments: 42


Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Humiliation, Rape

Published: 12 September 2005

Authror: Martell

Emily sat on the couch in her living room with her dog, and listened to her brother and his friends yell from the upstairs probily playing some video game.Her eyes glued to the t.v set in the basement wishing she could be out that Friday night instead of being watched by her 18 year old brother....


Views: 73244     Rated: +6.06 (195)    Comments: 15

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