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Lady Abused

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, BDSM, Rape

Published: 11 January 2005

Author: willie

Lady Abused The old house was way out in the country and I lived the by myself and that’s the way I liked it. I turned off the dirt county road and into the wagon trail driveway. I wondered if the mail had come and when I looked at the mailbox I saw a something on the ground in front of...


Views: 31719     Rated: +4.56 (112)    Comments: 5

Kathy Ch.1 The Beginning

Categories Fiction, Rape, Virginity, Young

Published: 17 December 2004

Author: jessica finch

Chapter 1: The Beginning I have always had a tough time with men. All of my life they had done me wrong. It started when I was pretty young, five or six, my dad walked out on my family leaving me, my brother and my mom to fend for ourselves. My mom wasn’t working at the time and she had...


Views: 58568     Rated: +6.74 (144)    Comments: 11

Good Friends.

Categories Fiction, First Time, Rape, School

Published: 15 December 2004

Author: tyler

I waked up and i realisated i had a slight erection. In 30 minutes i had to leave home, but since my mother was on the computer in my room, i stood in the bed 10 minutes, but the erection wouldn't go away So i simply bent my torso so the erection is less visible and i dressed myself. I walked...


Views: 75614     Rated: +3.51 (179)    Comments: 52

Tranny Pickup

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Domination/submission, Rape

Published: 12 December 2004

Author: penjine

Paul was having misgivings about the girl he had picked up in the bar on Chicago's state street. At the moment his trousers and shorts were around his ankles, his dress shirt was pulled up and he was reclining in the girls couch. But something wasn't quite right. He was beginning...


Views: 49968     Rated: +6.45 (185)    Comments: 14

Horse Surprise

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Hardcore, Rape

Published: 08 December 2004

Author: exotic_lover

Lisa was recently divorced, and at the age of twenty-five, it was all she could do to keep the farm she was left with in working order. There were so many chores to do, feeding and watering the livestock, managing the bills, almost more than she could take care of, but she was determined at things...


Views: 376558     Rated: +7.91 (1501)    Comments: 87

Impregnated By Black Cock

Categories Fiction, Interracial, Rape

Published: 04 November 2004

Author: Sarah_3

One night while living in New York Laurel decided to walk home rather than take the subway. It was the wrong thing to do, as her husband sat at home wondering why she was so late here is what was going on in the dark small room of a crack hotel just of Lexington at 46th street. Laurel had been...


Views: 148514     Rated: +7.43 (401)    Comments: 34

Taxi Ride

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Oral Sex, Rape

Published: 25 October 2004

Author: My Name Is My Own

I'm in town with my best mate Sarah and Amy. We've been out every Friday since I can remember and we're best mates. Sarah always pulls guys in clubs she’s 16 but looks much older and the guys she picks are old enough to be her dad. She's got shoulder length red hair and...


Views: 73254     Rated: +6.18 (163)    Comments: 21

Final Phantasy part 1 - Good laid

Categories Fiction, First Time, Group Sex, Rape

Published: 11 September 2004


Good laid!- FF7 lemon First part in "Final Phantasy" Trilogy by MISTER BIG T This story happens after FF7. "Ungh.. Oww my fucking head. What ever did happen to that meteor?" Cloud asked himself as he arised from the pieces of highwind. Meteor was gone, probably, because...


Views: 33791     Rated: +4.94 (86)    Comments: 16

Dragony Love

Categories Fiction, Gay, Rape

Published: 11 September 2004


Dragony love -Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T Comissioned lemon by ShadowRenamon2, featuring Guilmon and Takato rape. I guess due to time how long it took, you'd expect it to be good and have huge plot based actions, but no, it's mere an excuse to see Dragon rape his owner. Then again,...


Views: 41228     Rated: +6.46 (106)    Comments: 35

A Holiday with Friends

Categories Fiction, Rape, Violence

Published: 09 September 2004

Author: John_2

A Holiday with Friends Andy and I had been on a training exercise in North Africa with our regiment, we were ready for a holiday. We had spent the first few days just chilling out during the day and going to bars in the evenings. The girls had wanted to go to a nightclub all week but...


Views: 89835     Rated: +6.8 (217)    Comments: 20

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