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Sara Paylan R.N. : Hospital - Off Limits

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Rape, Reluctance

Published: 04 June 2015

Authror: Sara Paylan

I picked up some extra shifts at the local hospital. I was doing my first night shift & was trying to familiarize myself with how to get around inside. Okay, where the hell am I? I must have made a wrong turn somewhere... how do I get out of here? This must be an abandoned part of the...


Views: 10991     Rated: +9.21 (63)    Comments: 5

From Sex Deprived to Sex Addicted Pt. 2

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Reluctance, School

Published: 28 May 2015

Authror: smwriter213

Lizzy Watkins didn’t want to go to school on Monday. This wasn’t the typical case of most students who didn’t want to go to school because they hated it. This feeling was entirely different. Just two nights prior, Lizzy finally allowed her adventurous side to come to the...


Views: 20965     Rated: +9.01 (142)    Comments: 1

Tiffany's new boss chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Reluctance

Published: 19 May 2015

Authror: skinner81

Tiffany Taylor had grown up in a rough estate named Butterton, crime was rife in Butterton and there were gangs of youths on each street corner. Just about everybody who had grown up on the estate had turned to crime, drugs or had ended up in prison. Throughout her childhood Tiffany hated living...


Views: 13083     Rated: +7.81 (55)    Comments: 3

An unexpected situation

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Reluctance, Wife

Published: 13 May 2015

Authror: C. Kingmoore

Young Adaline always acted mature for her age. She always appeared older than she actually was. She was an only child, the apple of her father's eye, and could do no wrong. Incredibly smart and confident, even in her young teens she was fully aware she turned heads everywhere she went. She...


Views: 16233     Rated: +8.98 (59)    Comments: 1

Lusting for Her

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Erotica, Reluctance

Published: 06 April 2015

Authror: bad just4u

It all began years ago, when we were first introduced. At the time, my Alyssa and I loved to hang out with a large group of her friends, and that’s when I first met Fiamma. She was the same build and height as my wife, standing at around 5’3”, about 110lbs, with nice firm C cups...


Views: 13734     Rated: +9.15 (71)   

Unwanted attention - Chapter 12

Categories Diary, Erotica, Incest, Reluctance

Published: 02 April 2015

Authror: young_Jasmine

Chapter 12 My parents left that evening but not before leaving my brother and me with a set of instructions on how not to burn the house down or something, like we were little children… Once they were gone, we decided to make some popcorn and watch a movie. It was some action flick that...


Views: 14825     Rated: +9.02 (61)   

Poker Night with Sis

Categories Dark Fantasy, Blowjob, Incest, Reluctance

Published: 19 March 2015

Authror: Mathematician

First story in years, hopefully enjoyed! This a Brother Sister Taboo story with appropriate over 18 ages. If you like please let me know, and I'll try and write more. Any comments or suggestions for further writing is welcome. I couldn't believe I'd gotten this close....


Views: 111147     Rated: +9.28 (843)    Comments: 12

Dinner's Ready .. She Said With Her Legs Spread On The Table [Rough]

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Erotica, Reluctance

Published: 16 March 2015

Authror: bad just4u

That day I woke up exactly at 6am, a quick shower, brushed my teeth, kissed my still sleepy wife and went to work. We lived in this relatively small house we bought back in December, every day has been a new journey on its own. A few weeks ago I started working again and ever since it has been...


Views: 6023     Rated: +7.33 (45)   

A painter’s apprentice chapters 1 and 2 (more to come)

Categories Fiction, First Time, Lesbian, Reluctance

Published: 13 March 2015

Authror: Artemis108

Chapter 1 fifteen year old Lecretia Della Rizzi lay huddled for warmth. She was half delirious, soaked from the rain and chilled down to her core. But she preferred this to what was waiting for her back home. Suddenly she felt two hands wrap gently around her shoulders. She knew without a...


Views: 3864     Rated: +5.88 (17)    Comments: 3

Rape Protected?

Categories Fiction, Reluctance, Teen

Published: 11 March 2015

Authror: Impax

Angie McCallister was a Senior in high school, just turned eighteen. She had skipped fifth grade, going from fourth to sixth because of her intelligence. Combined with the fact her parents moved and she had to change schools anyway, the transition was barely noticed. She made one good friend...


Views: 19334     Rated: +9.3 (143)    Comments: 11

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