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Me and Charlie

Categories Fantastic, First Time, Romance, Teen

Published: 15 May 2005

Author: Kaila Graves

I was home alone working in the kitchen, well cleaning actually. I was moving out but I still had some cleaning to do. I called Charlie to come over and visit before I left. He showed up at about 3:30 that afternoon just as I was finishing up in the bathroom. I'm short 5'4 I have a...


Views: 23440     Rated: +4.89 (82)    Comments: 11

In the Basement

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Rape, Romance

Published: 14 May 2005

Author: Love.Angel.Music.Baby

"Morning. You want some coffee?" Carrie says to her husband Eric while she was washing dishes. "No thanks." Eric walked behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Did you fix the basement door? Because you know you can only open the door from the...


Views: 37288     Rated: +3.11 (116)    Comments: 10

The Discovery

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Extreme, Romance

Published: 14 May 2005

Author: Lothos

It was about a week after we moved into the new place together. We had spent the entire previous day unpacking, and we needed a break. I worked in computers, and made decent money. I was also going to school, so there was little time for each other. I, in the past, had relationships where the...


Views: 30052     Rated: +7.74 (150)    Comments: 7

Scented Date Night

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Erotica, Romance

Published: 06 May 2005

Author: Vicki

She met him at the front door wearing only a black silk dressing gown, loosely tied so her creamy white skin glowed against the material. Her finger swept silently and quickly to his lips to silence him. Her hands moved to his chest, feeling the muscular man beneath the clothing and then slid to...


Views: 11493     Rated: +5.09 (32)    Comments: 5

A Stormy Night

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Romance

Published: 22 April 2005

Author: Conrad

The storm had knocked out power. The kids away at their grandparents Linda and John retired early for the night. Cuddled together under their sheets the wind howling outside their windows pressing the large oak in the front yard to kiss the side of the house John kissed the back of his...


Views: 17831     Rated: +7.25 (57)    Comments: 5

Nikki & Boe

Categories Fiction, First Time, Male / Female, Romance

Published: 02 April 2005

Author: nicky

There I was, setting across the table from the man of my dreams. The guy I had been in love with since 7th grade. I couldn't believe that after all these years he finaly asked me out. We talked rather nerviously through dinner. It was weird setting there with him and us not being able to...


Views: 11693     Rated: +6.17 (41)    Comments: 3


Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Romance

Published: 27 March 2005

Author: itsonlybarney

You are at a party. Things have been pretty stressful lately, and you were hoping to relive some stress tonight. The party has been pretty dead so far. There are a lot of people hanging around with beers, munching on chips. Nothing is happening. You had hoped it would be better. You wore a rather...


Views: 17128     Rated: +5.64 (33)    Comments: 6

Blonde in Black and Silver

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Romance

Published: 18 March 2005

Author: Otzchiim

BLONDE IN BLACK AND SILVER For the long Saturday afternoon that she was going to spend with Russell Clayton, Jenny Craig put on a long black cotton dress that fit her snugly all the way down, with a thin black scarf around her head. The dress reached almost to her black shoes, and the only...


Views: 17820     Rated: +8.02 (52)    Comments: 2

My First Cheerleader pt 1

Categories Fiction, Oral Sex, Romance

Published: 24 February 2005

Author: spyke

Hi, My name is jake. Im an ordinary sophmore in high school. Popular, handsome, but the kind of guy who wont just go out with every girl I have ever had a crush on. Im just like the other guys, I have a crush on the head cheerleader just like everyone else, i get average grades like every one...


Views: 14316     Rated: +5.94 (63)    Comments: 9

The Study Date

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, First Time, Romance

Published: 16 February 2005

Author: Hailie

Darryl was one of Rachel's closest friends. They would always flirt together and always went over to each other's houses. They were in almost all of hte same classes, but pretended they hated each other. But other peers knew that they really liked each other. Sometimes Rachel would find...


Views: 26227     Rated: +5.59 (92)    Comments: 25

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