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Sex Joke

dirty pick up lines

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 20 March 2014

Authror: Porny writer

Do you live on a chicken farm? 'Cause you sure know how to raise a cock. Are you a drill sergeant? Because you have my privates standing at attention. You're just like my little toe, because I'm going to bang you on every piece of furniture in my home. Do you mix...


Views: 76353     Rated: +7.68 (336)    Comments: 23

How I dislocated my index finger

Categories Sex Joke, Anal, Ass to mouth, Drug

Published: 27 February 2014

Authror: r0n17

I was at bestival (a music festival in England), Bollywood tent Some filthy DnB was playing and I was raving outta my drug fuelled mind. There was a girl in front of me grinding on me and my hands were all over her, so I slipped my hands underneath her shorts/jeans whatever she was wearing and...


Views: 21125     Rated: +4.82 (222)    Comments: 7

The Tig-o-bitty Mountains

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 08 December 2013

Authror: SessoScrittore

"The Tig-o-bitty Mountains" sung to the tune of "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" New lyrics by SessoScrittore One Friday as the sun went down, and Sports Center was just ending, at the door was a hottie knockin', on her breast tat was a rendering, of a QR code, that...


Views: 33555     Rated: +4.9 (206)    Comments: 6

Fucking shocking

Categories Sex Joke, First Time

Published: 06 December 2013

Authror: Unknown user

Little Johnny hears strange noises from his parents bedroom, He opens their bedroom door and looks inside. On the bed his naked father was bouncing up and down on his equally naked mother like a demented frog, His dad realising the door has been opened looks around to see that he's been...


Views: 41676     Rated: +6.34 (827)    Comments: 18

Curious kid

Categories Sex Joke, Young

Published: 30 November 2013

Authror: MoralDeficient

Once, a curious 5-year-old heard her parents arguing. She eavesdropped as they called each other names like bitch and bastard. She interrupted and asked them what a bitch is and what a bastard is. Her mother told her that a bitch is a woman and a bastard is a man. That night after their parents...


Views: 73413     Rated: +7.66 (713)    Comments: 52


Categories Sex Joke

Published: 15 November 2013

Authror: Porny writer

One day Jane met Tarzan in the jungle. She was very attracted to him and during her questions about his life she asked him how he managed for sex."What's that?" he asked. She explained to him what sex was and he said, "Oh, I use a hole in the trunk of a...


Views: 49246     Rated: +7.74 (376)    Comments: 27

WTF is that all about

Categories Sex Joke, Job/Place-of-work, School

Published: 12 October 2013

Authror: BoTheCritic

Ok, so check this shit. People in my dorm think I am the smartest damn individual in the building. Everyone in this place always comes to me with computer problems. Ok, so I am at the Library and Arielle (Same as in my first story) came up to me and said, "Bo can you help me print this...


Views: 20014     Rated: +2.89 (228)    Comments: 19


Categories Sex Joke

Published: 25 September 2013

Authror: Wolfen1

Choices A young couple enjoyed playing games of all types. They decided to challenge each other with riddles. The one with the best riddle controlled what they did for the coming week After a long losing spell the young man came up with a riddle he felt he couldn't lose. It was...


Views: 33567     Rated: +7.23 (314)    Comments: 13

the gift

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 17 September 2013

Authror: Porny writer

A young man wanted to purchase a gift for his new sweetheart's birthday, and as they had not been dating very long, after careful consideration, he decided a pair of gloves would strike the right note: romantic, but not too personal. Accompanied by his sweetheart's younger sister, he...


Views: 45113     Rated: +7.63 (435)    Comments: 29

what the f***

Categories Sex Joke, Black, Boy

Published: 30 August 2013

Authror: Unknown user

once there was a boy who had to do a proget and he what the fuck this is so...


Views: 21044     Rated: +2.92 (271)    Comments: 23

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