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Sex Joke

parrot joke

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 10 July 2012

Authror: veltis jade

There was priest who had a very smart parrot.One Sunday morning the priest leaves for church service but his wife and daughter decides to stay at home.When he leaves the wife's lover comes over and they begin having sex,the parrot observes this when the man finishes cuming the parrot flies to...


Views: 15957     Rated: +6.02 (176)    Comments: 15

man and gator

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 07 July 2012

Authror: mr.bootywarrior

a man walks into a bar with an alligator on a leash and sits down to have a beer....after a few beers he realises he is out of money....so he stands up and says,"i bet anyone 500 dollars that i can put my dick in this gators mouth and close his mouth and then hit him in the head and my dick...


Views: 14996     Rated: +6.03 (214)    Comments: 4

greek vs. italian

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 07 July 2012

Authror: mr.bootywarrior

A Greek and Italian were arguing over who had the superior culture. The Greek says, "We have the Parthenon." Arching his eyebrows, the Italian replies, "We have the Coliseum." The Greek retorts, "We Greeks gave birth to advanced mathematics" The Italian,...


Views: 16021     Rated: +6.31 (187)    Comments: 8

gettin some

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 07 July 2012

Authror: veltis jade

A young man and his new bride are on their honeymoon,so the man says to his wife ''baby tonight is the first night of our honeymoon so give me some honey from the moon''.The new bride has no intention of giving him sex tonight so she says''if you can hit me a better...


Views: 17148     Rated: +6.34 (191)    Comments: 14

Shitty joks that are funny as fuck

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 17 June 2012

Authror: RandJr

Yo mama is like a shotgun, give her a cock and she'll blow. You mama is like a fine resturant, she takes her deliveries in the back. Two gay guys are havin sex. Some one rings the door bell and the fag says to his buddy dont cum till I get back. Fag comes back and there jizz all over...


Views: 35215     Rated: +5.92 (446)    Comments: 125

Sam caught twice

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 15 June 2012

Authror: Cabbadee121

Two friends jack and sam were visiting the forests of africa....they were spotted by a tribe sam climbed on a tree and hid..the tribe caught jack and all the tribals raped him and then let him go.. Few months later they visited the forests again and were spotted by the same tribe again this...


Views: 15474     Rated: +4.6 (211)    Comments: 11

Anything you want

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 15 June 2012

Authror: Cabbadee121

Thanks for ur positive comments on my first joke..i expect the same for this one.. While returning home Steve was robbed off his car and other valuables in the middle of a forest. With no other option he began to walk along the road when suddenly he saw a girl on a scooter stopped for him...


Views: 56578     Rated: +4.93 (227)    Comments: 6

Let the ladies also see!

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 15 June 2012

Authror: Cabbadee121

There was a very rich man who was obsessed with parties.he organised party for anything he bought be it small or big. Once he bought a new underwear and decided to do a party.but when getting ready for party,being in hurry he forgot to wear his NEW underwear. He went to the stage to announce...


Views: 14408     Rated: +4.19 (234)    Comments: 12


Categories Sex Joke

Published: 13 June 2012

Authror: andypanda

ok 2 guys are working at a dead end job one is white and the other is black the white guy is always happy and the black wanted to know why so he asked him why are you happy all the time well the white guy says i get some every night well the blank guy is shocked so he asks how so the man said...


Views: 12602     Rated: +3.7 (108)    Comments: 25

Dirty Jokes ReEdit:

Categories Sex Joke, Boy, Job/Place-of-work, Wife

Published: 30 May 2012

Authror: Monkey-Qween

A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He goes up to the nurse and demands her to open the sperm bank vault. She says "But sir, its just a sperm bank!", "I don't care, open it now!!!" he replies. So she opens the door to the vault and...


Views: 91035     Rated: +7.92 (950)    Comments: 32

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