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Spanking Service for a Housewife 3

Categories True Story, Female solo, Humiliation, Spanking

Published: 29 May 2013

Authror: gotoguy42

Once the daughter was in position I turned to the mother and said "Ready?". She nodded and rose from her chair and stepped next to me. "Last time you gave me the last bit while I was bent over the coffee table and my husband really seemed to like that. Would you mind doing them...


Views: 41532     Rated: +9.28 (207)    Comments: 10

A Night of Fun

Categories Fiction, Spanking

Published: 17 April 2013

Authror: Unknown user

Now I’ve never truly been successful with women. Then again I’ve never truly been successful with people. Certain aspects of social life never truly clicked with me. Now that’s not to say I haven’t had my fun or any friends. In fact I tend to fear for people who are prone...


Views: 5277     Rated: +8.64 (44)    Comments: 1

Spanking our Neighbor

Categories Fiction, Anal, Humiliation, Spanking

Published: 23 March 2013

Authror: jlnewhamp

“Melissa, please sit down.” Steve, my husband had gestured with his hand, inviting our neighbor to sit on the sofa. “Make yourself comfortable.” Steve then sat comfortably in his recliner. When Melissa sat down, I handed her a glass of wine. I then sat on the opposite end...


Views: 118592     Rated: +9.31 (492)    Comments: 16

You need discipline!!

Categories Fiction, Discipline, Domination/submission, Spanking

Published: 06 March 2013

Authror: simplysoftsuckables

He could hear her slamming things around in the kitchen. Honestly what did she expect would result? Ready for another confrontation he approached her again. “Ashley, stop. You brought this on yourself. As soon as the girls are asleep you will accept your mistake and then we will move on!...


Views: 9083     Rated: +5 (8)   

Me and Jill

Categories Fiction, School, Spanking, Teen

Published: 26 February 2013

Authror: Mr. Footlong

We all have that one girl that drives you mad even during math class. The way they sway their hips left to right, the way their ass was just perfect and tits to die for. Jill was that one girl and a lot changed one day after class. Friday afternoon was just like any other with one let down, i...


Views: 9206     Rated: +8.89 (45)    Comments: 4

My Honeymoon Spanking

Categories True Story, BDSM, Spanking

Published: 14 February 2013

Authror: jlnewhamp

My Honeymoon Spanking It was a beautiful ceremony. I can recall the exact moment, when I got out of the limousine…my father greeted me in his arms. He told me how proud he and my mother were of me…he kissed me on my cheeks and said, “Steve’s a good man…I’m...


Views: 28108     Rated: +8.38 (154)    Comments: 4

Sandra is late getting home.

Categories Fantasy, Domination/submission, Spanking

Published: 27 January 2013

Authror: CSJournies

“You are late.” Those three words, stern, a touch of anger in them hits the back of Sandra’s head as she closes the front door and settles heavily onto her shoulders. She had hoped Charles would have already been in bed asleep. He had been working so hard lately with the new job,...


Views: 18207     Rated: +9.18 (73)    Comments: 4

Spanking Amanda

Categories Fiction, Spanking

Published: 01 January 2013

Authror: new-boy

I wrote this story for the girl of my desires. She’s read it, and given it her approval. I’ve changed the name to protect the guilty :) It’s quite short - I can’t imagine lasting long if this ever came true. Let me know what you...


Views: 10624     Rated: +8.6 (43)   

Without a Reason

Categories Dark Fantasy, Male / Female, Rape, Spanking

Published: 22 November 2012

Authror: Ashcan2012

Without A Reason JonnyB and Rico are two young men in their early twenties. They are on a wild ride cross-country and are looking to do and hoping to find in no particular order mischief, trouble, danger and excitement. The next town was maybe an hour away and the one after close to three so...


Views: 19888     Rated: +7.39 (69)    Comments: 3

Blast from the past 2

Categories Fiction, Romance, Spanking, Threesome

Published: 06 November 2012

Authror: Slave of Dominus

Blast from the past part 2: Birthday Surprise! This part of the story isn't true, although I wish some parts were…happy reading. It was Saturday November 3rd, the day before Dom’s birthday. I haven’t heard much from him since I met his mom. He said Katie (the...


Views: 6289     Rated: +8.85 (26)    Comments: 2

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