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Two Virgins Play Truth Or Dare

Categories Fantasy, Teen

Published: 13 November 2005

Author: Rick

Two Virgins Play Truth or Dare By Robbie *** My parents were away one weekend, so I had a group of friends over. We were all around 15-16 years old at the time. There was Mary, a pretty brunette; Jenny, a tall, muscular brunette; and Sandy, a blonde who - I swear - looked just like...


Views: 219668     Rated: +7.98 (1960)    Comments: 230

frist rape n tape

Categories True Story, Blackmail, Rape, Teen

Published: 06 November 2005

Author: ken kiniff

Hey,My name is Austin.Im 18 and im not such a dark skin pourter ricann.Im 5'8'',skinny and pretty sexy.and my story start's when i was 17,i was in school.It was a normale day at school like any other,most of the kid's at school was more preppy then me,i was along the...


Views: 85490     Rated: +3.64 (240)    Comments: 44

Tale of two mothers. ch.3

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Job/Place-of-work, Teen

Published: 03 November 2005

Author: Orobas

Chapter Three: "How long have you fantasized about a sexual relationship with your mother, Walter?" Margaret Kelly asked. "Is that what she told you?" Walter raised his eyebrows. "That I fantasized about it?" "Is there something else I...


Views: 58404     Rated: +8.21 (206)    Comments: 8

Soul Mates (Part 1 - The beauties of modern technology)

Categories True Story, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Teen

Published: 01 November 2005

Author: Laura

I used to think internet relationships were a load of bull, nothing real, just disillusioned, hormone driven teenagers fooling themselves, telling themselves they were in love. But this one was different, Joe was different. I’ve never had an internet relationship before, not had many...


Views: 11905     Rated: +6.47 (34)    Comments: 3

Camping With Mom

Categories True Story, Incest, Teen, Young

Published: 19 October 2005

Author: Mark_2

Camping With Mom It was January 1985 and I was your normal 15 year old. Always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. One of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains near our house. Ever since I was born, our family would always take trips up to the...


Views: 1142272     Rated: +8.56 (6481)    Comments: 382


Categories True Story, Blowjob, Teen, Young

Published: 14 October 2005

Author: jmartone

when i was 8 years old her family moved in next door. she was a year younger than me. her name was sarah. we hung out all of the time but we never really had any sexual experiences because we were to young to understand it. she had an inground pool in her back yard so through out the summer and...


Views: 42089     Rated: +7.39 (141)    Comments: 16

The Boys & A Dog At Play

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Blowjob, Teen

Published: 14 October 2005

Author: dave_3

I had always been a different. I liked girls, boys and Animal. So this is an account of my fun times with my friend, Matt and his rotti x Shepard. It all started at the age of 14, Matt and I had been friends for years, in fact I can’t remember a childhood without Matt. So as we grew up...


Views: 71871     Rated: +7.21 (498)    Comments: 32

babysitting my babysister

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Incest, Teen

Published: 04 October 2005

Author: Michael

Let me introduce my self. I am Mike 17 years old 6’2, 160lbs (pure muscles). And my 14 year old baby sister Jem 5’7, 110 lbs, don’t know the size of her bra but its kind the big. It all started when my Aunt Gloria got hospitalized because of a car accident. She lived in San...


Views: 88783     Rated: +6.35 (347)    Comments: 62

Oh! Emily

Categories Fiction, Exhibitionism, Incest, Teen

Published: 23 September 2005

Author: Marcus

I had known for a little while that I was a lesbian. I'd never told anyone this because I was too embarrassed. It wasn’t because I didn’t like guys. I’d gone out with a few and even gone all the way with a couple. But they just didn’t really do anything for me. The...


Views: 115616     Rated: +8.14 (551)    Comments: 76

Fantasy about my girlfriend

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Published: 22 September 2005

Author: Rick Lastname

It was one of those boring, unexciting days in his 3rd period class. Rick was waiting patiently for the bell to ring as he was staring helplessly at the beauty before him. Stephanie had the smoothest black hair, the softest long legs, and 17 year old tits at just the right size. A nice ass and...


Views: 17511     Rated: +6.7 (105)    Comments: 14

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