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Categories Fiction, First Time, Hardcore, Teen

Published: 04 May 2004

Author: unknown author

Jeanine the virgin, looked up at Robert with apprehensive eyes. He smiled down at her with a barely concealed contempt that made her both revolt against him... and desire him. He told her, withou ceremony, to lie face down on the bed, with a pillow under her tits and her ass in the air. Jeanine...


Views: 70742     Rated: +5.64 (212)    Comments: 44


Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Teen

Published: 04 May 2004

Author: unknown author

Hillary was getting bored. She sat staring off into space from her dorm window. Today was one of the times she wondered what made her go to school on the West coast. Far from home and few good friends, she started to feel all alone among the native Californians. As she watched the...


Views: 44612     Rated: +7.61 (168)    Comments: 22

New Days, New Friend pt1

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Teen

Published: 04 May 2004

Author: unknown author

Jean had never been at her best in the mornings. It seemed to take a shower and a cup of coffee to really wake her. Until then, she just wanted to sleep. Jean shut her eyes tightly, willing the conversation she heard through the thin dorm wall to go away. She thought, "It’s Sunday...


Views: 18649     Rated: +4.48 (29)    Comments: 4

New Days, New Friend pt2

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Teen

Published: 04 May 2004

Author: unknown author

They walked slowly and silently back to the campus; Jeremy seemed lost in thought, while Jean was trying not to think. As they passed through the main gate, Jeremy spoke again. "Trace, your place or mine? Lord, I’ve always wanted the chance to say that." "Yours....


Views: 13699     Rated: +4.4 (30)    Comments: 6

Pizza Woman

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Teen

Published: 04 May 2004

Author: unknown author

I was in a rut. Another Friday night alone. Just like last Friday and the one before that. Sitting here watching some stupid info-mercial aimed at inbred trailer trash. My God- I was watching and thinking of buying the assinine product!!! I needed to do something...quick. Hell, I’ll...


Views: 23131     Rated: +3.51 (53)    Comments: 6

Loving Her

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Teen, Virginity

Published: 01 May 2004

Author: Sammy Gal

I walked down the hall of our school watching her walk. Her ass jiggled slightely, just enough to tease me though. I watched teh way her boobs bounvced. Boys watched as she walked but I was the only girl. Nobody knew I was lesbian, yet. When I got home I watched ehr walk to my brother's...


Views: 39422     Rated: +3.52 (108)    Comments: 27

My Eighteenth Birthday Party

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, BDSM, Teen

Published: 29 April 2004

Author: Samantha Wilde

It was my eighteenth birthday party, and my best girfriends, Alicia, Holly, Annie, Cassandra, and Susan were the last ones there after everyone else had gone home. All my family had left already also, a little pissed off because we didn't go out to eat with them, but I knew...


Views: 43614     Rated: +7.23 (150)    Comments: 12

Red Wine and Medics

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Teen

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: swr

Christ, but how was I supposed to stand it? It's bad enough when you want someone from afar, and when you see them from time to time you get this longing in the pit of your stomach. But when every day you are around someone who makes your stomach do somersaults, it's enough to tax...


Views: 26229     Rated: +7.66 (96)    Comments: 7

Stupid Sexy

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Teen

Published: 27 April 2004

Author: text slut

I was in psych 101, trying to catch up on some of my reading before my night class started, when this chirpy redhead with more tits than brains sat down in the desk next to me. "Hi, my name's Andrea Page! What's your name?" "Debbie Chang," I said, reluctantly...


Views: 46893     Rated: +7.42 (168)    Comments: 30

Amanda's first time, for everything! PART2

Categories True Story, Authoritarian, Reluctance, Teen

Published: 23 April 2004

Author: Jr.

Amanda wiped her face and began to put on her top as we walked back to the campground. "Leave the bra off, " I said, "no more bras for you, got it?" . "Okay" she replied. SMACK!! I slapped her hard accrosed the face "When I give you an order you say yes Jr.,...


Views: 95415     Rated: +6.03 (238)    Comments: 65

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