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No More Parties

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Rape, Threesome

Published: 18 June 2004

Authror: Jeremy

really can't believe I'm writing this down, but I can't really believe I'm living the two lives I'm living right now, either. In my first life, I'm a happily married, 35-year old wife and mother and a very successful attorney working for one of the Delaware...


Views: 98541     Rated: +7.38 (456)    Comments: 28

Slippery When Wet

Categories True Story, Hardcore, Oral Sex, Threesome

Published: 11 June 2004

Authror: Graham_1

I watched as Sarah showered herself on the deck of the boat the next morning and reflected on how the night before she surrendered herself to us. How her body pleasured us and how we pleasured her. Scott and I had decided to take the boat out for a couple of days, and enjoy the peace and...


Views: 49057     Rated: +6.98 (280)    Comments: 51

House Guest (part 2)

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Threesome

Published: 10 June 2004

Authror: licks69

When Linda came home from work, Joe and Melissa teamed up together to fix a great dinner for her. After cleaning up from dinner, they all took a walk around the neighborhood to help settle their stomachs. There was talk of going to nightclubs and movies, but nobody could agree on what to do....


Views: 26860     Rated: +7.51 (94)    Comments: 6

Man Day

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Oral Sex, Threesome

Published: 24 May 2004

Authror: Starman

It was a perfect day. I left the house early this morning for 18 holes of golf which turned into 27. After golf it was a cookout and a swim over at Jim's. And then the evening was spent playing poker. A perfect Manday. As I made my way home the perfect ending to this day was a round of...


Views: 31377     Rated: +6.92 (90)    Comments: 5

A Holiday Romance

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Threesome

Published: 18 May 2004

Authror: Amaranthus

AnnaLee Bradley boarded the seventy-five seater coach at Fort William. It would take her on a day excursion out to and around, the Isle of Skye and bring her back to her hotel. She presented her ticket to the middle-aged driver who thanked her. As she moved to take her seat she stopped and...


Views: 38753     Rated: +6.57 (104)    Comments: 12

Anal Threesome - part 1

Categories Fiction, Anal, Threesome

Published: 27 April 2004

Authror: Ermberto

Christmas 1980 It was not a white Christmas, alas, but a gray one. The heavy, bloated clouds in the sky above the village showered the place with rain throughout the day. In the small, detached house down the leafy street, Claire was sitting in her bedroom at her dressing table, looking at...


Views: 315858     Rated: +7.67 (951)    Comments: 101

Anal threesome - part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Threesome

Published: 27 April 2004

Authror: Ermberto

It was a fairly normal July day in the village. The sun was a spherical furnace in a clear blue sky, and the sounds of lawns been mowed and friends chatting in the pub garden arose from amongst the quaint buildings which were separated by wide roads, large gardens, and plenty of trees. The fields...


Views: 141686     Rated: +7.6 (467)    Comments: 69

DADA's lil girl goes shopping

Categories Fiction, Incest, Threesome

Published: 06 March 2004

Authror: Icederby

So my little girl needs to do some shopping? Guessing we should get ready then. Let's start with a warm shower. Soaping up that sweet little body of yours. mmmmmmmm Your soft warm little titties getting their nipples so hard, pinching......squeezing.......holding them. Caressing every line of...


Views: 99086     Rated: +6.76 (331)    Comments: 29

Office Supplies

Categories Fiction, Oral Sex, Threesome

Published: 18 February 2004

Authror: thumper

"What is that?" "It's, uh, my dick." "Why do you have it on my desk?" "Because I want your opinion." "It's...nice. I could put it to good use. I mean, if it were available." "I've got plans for it if things go the way I...


Views: 27976     Rated: +7.67 (138)    Comments: 5

Veronica's Fantasy

Categories True Story, Threesome

Published: 08 February 2004

Authror: Veronica

Veronica’s Fantasy by Veronica The three of us sat together one night, as the best of friends do, drinking, smoking, discussing our lives and eventually turning to my favorite subject, sex. More drinks arrived and Bill told us how he has lived in a sexless marriage for a lot of years and...


Views: 32091     Rated: +7.14 (146)    Comments: 11

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