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The Champion's Companion 7

Categories Fantastic, Blowjob, Lactation, Violence

Published: 08 December 2010

Author: BlknMild611

Comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy. The next morning found everyone up. Marco was retrained everyone using the weapons. “Look since I won’t be here you all can’t forget to train.” Marcos lectured. “But we can’t be killed we’ll never...


Views: 13809     Rated: +9.07 (54)    Comments: 5

An Amazon Anaconda Attack

Categories Dark Fantasy, Death, Dark Fantasy, Violence

Published: 06 December 2010

Author: Dinner

I'm in Brazil at some touristy clothing-optional resort in the middle of the Amazon.  There are specific times that they take us on a boat into the jungle to show us the wonders of the rainforest.  These tours are not clothing-optional, because of all the dangers of the...


Views: 23787     Rated: +7.95 (151)    Comments: 6

Miss Kitty

Categories Fantastic, Non-Erotic, Violence

Published: 04 December 2010

Author: sourdough

My name is Kimberly Parker. I was a registered nurse in the pediatric ward of a local Austin hospital before all this happened. My typical uniform consisted of a pair of pink scrub pants and a top decorated with teddy bears, brightly colored balloons, cute zoo animals, etc. You get the idea. At...


Views: 16853     Rated: +9.34 (106)    Comments: 11


Categories Poem, Violence

Published: 28 September 2010

Author: Stardust8937

ROUGH SEX ( a poem by Stardust 8937, 9-27-10) Don't ask me for hard sex, rough sex-- I won't do it-- I CAN'T do it-- If your KINK demands it, then even though it hurts me, I understand Many men and women would do THAT for you EAGERLY. Not me. I won't rope...


Views: 9494     Rated: +5.24 (21)   

Wolf Fang. chapter 2

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Teen, Violence

Published: 29 August 2010

Author: restless16

I think," I mused after a while, not knowing what to say, "I shall call you Rainbow." "What!?" Her eyes burned bright red. "Because I like how your eyes change color," I smiled. "I will not kill you." "Fine. Then what? Let me...


Views: 8690     Rated: +9.05 (42)    Comments: 15

All for you ayama

Categories Fiction, School, Teen, Violence

Published: 29 August 2010

Author: restless16

i'd love for someone to edit this im not a fan of proof reading..so dont judge me on that... i've had a hard life. my mother had me when she was just 14 and my dad 17, you'd expect that my dad would be a typical teenager and leave my mom and me but he didn't. The memories...


Views: 7995     Rated: +7.93 (29)    Comments: 3

Cigarettes and Rape

Categories Dark Fantasy, Rape, Violence

Published: 10 August 2010

Author: skyn.f1

It was late. Very late. And I had a craving for pussy. My hand was in my shorts stroking the pulsating Cyclops there as I lay topless in bed. My cell phone lay neglected beside me. Tonight was different. No booty calls tonight. Need something different.. to.. do. I went out for a walk. Outta...


Views: 11212     Rated: +3.85 (26)    Comments: 4

Adventures of a Texas Ranger Chapter Three

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Death, Violence

Published: 30 June 2010

Author: BikeWriter

Jim was feeling like something the hounds had dragged in, chewed up, and then spit up. He had pushed himself far past the point of fatigue for the last two weeks, then he had seen his heroic efforts wasted by the slipshod methods of the Sheriff and Deputy, though he still had some hope that he was...


Views: 9397     Rated: +8.64 (66)    Comments: 2

Adventures of a Texas Ranger Chapter Four

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Death, Violence

Published: 30 June 2010

Author: BikeWriter

Jim was familiar with the town of Gonzales and he rode unerringly to the Sheriff's office on the old town square. He tied Chief to the hitching rail outside. He warily dismounted; he limped over to the closed office door and knocked on it. A familiar sounding voice called out, "Come on...


Views: 12057     Rated: +9.03 (72)    Comments: 9

My very sexy life ...the beginning of the end

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Violence, Written by women

Published: 05 May 2010

Author: Deathlovely

It was the night before my first day of pre-kindergarten, and i was 4, about to turn 5. My dad was gone, So that left me, my 8-year old sister, Loraine and my mom homeless because she never kept a job and we ended up living with my grandmother in her trailer with my two uncles also. My mom was a...


Views: 11526     Rated: +6.59 (41)    Comments: 3

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