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Losing it young

Categories True Story, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Published: 28 July 2006

Authror: anarchy60

It all happened when I was ten. My parents were divorced and I saw my mom during the summer when I was not in school. I had learned alot about sex when I was younger from my mom telling me about it and hanging out with my older neighbors.I had been dating this girl named Jess since the past summer...


Views: 31412     Rated: +6.69 (83)    Comments: 8

the first and only time

Categories True Story, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Published: 26 July 2006

Authror: youngfucker

i was sitting at my cousins house when she walked in. it was the first real party i have gone to. her name was kandice and she was a knockout. a little chubby but it was all in the right places. she was 17 at the time. i had admired her from afar for a long time. i have had a crush on her but...


Views: 18049     Rated: +7.1 (81)    Comments: 11

The Tack Room

Categories Fantastic, First Time, Male / Female, Virginity

Published: 23 July 2006

Authror: babydoll

"All right, Jenny, squeeze your legs more! Let him move under you, dont force him into anything he doesn't want to do! Now up down, up down! Move with him, don't let him take advantage of you..." This may sound different than what it really is. The one speaking is my...


Views: 27795     Rated: +7.75 (101)    Comments: 11


Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Male / Female, Virginity

Published: 13 July 2006

Authror: GARY

The Ceremony I often wondered whether the mosquitos, the mud, the heat, and the constant sweat were worth it. My fourth trip into the jungle was unlike any of the others. Six days in a canoe eating stale food that smelled like rotting fish and tasted even worse, and I felt I was no closer to...


Views: 144748     Rated: +8.06 (599)    Comments: 67


Categories Fiction, Anal, Rape, Virginity

Published: 10 July 2006

Authror: Finger-Licking-Good

Natasha and Darren were parked in their favourite look out point, Yellow Valley Forest Park, from here they could see over the town. They had both grown up here and today they were going to seal their love once and for all. Both were still virgins, but not after today!!!! Graham and David were...


Views: 29049     Rated: +7.62 (65)    Comments: 11

The Runaway Club- Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Virginity, Young

Published: 06 July 2006

Authror: Gnomeo

The Runaway Club Katlin sat at her dresser staring at the wrinkled face and sighed, it was these moments that she liked to think about her life, i mean here she was seventy four years old, widowed with kids, grand kids even, and it all started at the age of...


Views: 22788     Rated: +7.59 (39)    Comments: 7

Blond Hair.

Categories Dark Fantasy, Rape, Virginity

Published: 27 June 2006

Authror: Master of Evil

“Nine A.M. and I’m already thinking about sex. And on Sunday fucking morning, for fucks sake! Something is bad wrong with me, bad wrong.” Ben thought to himself, as he buttoned his dress shirt for church. He wasn’t a religious man at all, and went to church for the sole...


Views: 23149     Rated: +5.12 (50)    Comments: 5


Categories True Story, First Time, Mature, Virginity

Published: 27 June 2006

Authror: Fickduck

This story happened in late june, in the early 2000s. I was just out of the 10th grade and it was summer vacation, I was 16 years old at the time. Just like a lot of my fellow schoolmates, I couldn't get laid or have a girlfriend. It was by biggest dream to have sex with someone, even if it...


Views: 56613     Rated: +8.05 (245)    Comments: 17

Two Boys, One Girl, Alone

Categories Fiction, Drug, Threesome, Virginity

Published: 22 June 2006

Authror: Horny 15 y/o

We had just gotten home after a graduation party excited for what lay ahead. Me and my friend Vick had been planning the night for quite some time and were waiting for my parents to go to sleep. Vick was an average guy,14 y/o , a little heavy, dark brown hair that went down to his...


Views: 35210     Rated: +7.02 (96)    Comments: 3

Meeting A Friend For The First Time In Person

Categories Fiction, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Published: 22 June 2006

Authror: Sex Ninja

Ok so to start out about this wonderful story of two people making passionate love I’ll first tell you the basics about them... First there is me, my names Nick, I’m 18, 6’6”, 190lbs, and I have a build that’s between skinny and muscle, and I have about 7in penis....


Views: 9927     Rated: +5.17 (36)    Comments: 2

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