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sherrie my teen toy

Categories Fantasy, Male / Female, Oral Sex, Virginity

Published: 26 March 2006

Authror: bateman

this is my first story so please take that in mind. It was a typical saturday night and i was sitting in the local bar watching the local girls try to strip tease . That is when it went from normal to kinda nice, This short woman came in and sat down besides me and started to talk. She said...


Views: 37606     Rated: +7.5 (116)    Comments: 16

Me and My Cousin Part 2

Categories Fiction, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Published: 15 March 2006

Authror: Von

It was the day after that day in the woods and Jess and I were in the basement watching a movie on HBO in the basement. Soon it was over and she asked me what I wanted to watch. "I don't care." I answered and she began scrolling through the guide of satilite channels. She passed...


Views: 34763     Rated: +8.31 (202)    Comments: 19

Mike's Sleepover

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Virginity, Young

Published: 14 February 2006

Authror: Mike32

Mike came home from class and saw his mother and father getting ready to head out for the night. “Hey Mom you guys look nice were you going?” “We are headed to a party at your fathers work. It is a few hours away so we will stay the night there. Your sister has some of her...


Views: 110592     Rated: +7.89 (613)    Comments: 87

Behind the Scenes of Blade Trinity w/ Ryan Reynolds

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Romance, Virginity

Published: 02 February 2006

Authror: Angelica

The Contest I’ve been a fan of Ryan Reynolds since day one. He’s good looking, has an amazing body, and so funny. That’s why when I heard on the radio that there was a contest to go behind the scenes on the set of Blade: Trinity, I knew I absolutely had to enter. I listened...


Views: 10435     Rated: +6.19 (32)    Comments: 4

What I wanted... Part 2

Categories True Story, First Time, Transsexual, Virginity

Published: 21 January 2006

Authror: Ashley Cox

I started by lighting some candles, mostly jasmine but some were unscented. After lighting the candles I turned off the lights. As I walked over to the bed, Bryan was watching me the whole time. When I got to the side of the bed, I took my shirt off making sure he got a good look at my breasts. I...


Views: 67327     Rated: +8.75 (342)    Comments: 18

The Crazy Bitch next door

Categories Dark Fantasy, Mature, Virginity

Published: 20 January 2006

Authror: DrSEXPhD

I hated this bitch next door. I mean hate. she never been anything but rude to me. She complains and often calls the cops whenever I play guitar, she tells me my grass needs moving cause my house makes her's look bad. I hated her fuckin guts, but she was quite a cute woman. At 37, her short...


Views: 25326     Rated: +4.85 (106)    Comments: 6

What I wanted... Part 1

Categories True Story, First Time, Transsexual, Virginity

Published: 20 January 2006

Authror: Ashley Cox

First a little history about Ashley. She started when I was about 13-14. Going through puberty I found my mothers lingerie and fell in love with the way it felt on me. Since then I have been dressing more and more to the point where I am going out in public. Passing quite well might I add, and...


Views: 64150     Rated: +7.46 (194)    Comments: 7


Categories Fiction, Anal, Rape, Virginity

Published: 16 January 2006

Authror: Helen

my name is Helen now 38 and divorced I and my ex husband share the care of Pamela (15) and Vicky (11) the girls used to stay with me all week and my ex had them every weekend , he picked them up on the friday and I brought them back home on the sunday this was an arragement that both suited us ....


Views: 40539     Rated: +7.18 (93)    Comments: 9

My First Lay

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Reluctance, Virginity

Published: 09 January 2006

Authror: Trimp

My First Pussy Invasion I probably was like any other fourteen year old, when I was growing up. Seemingly, always having to fight off a hard-on. Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was because I was still a virgin, but my almost daily jack-off sessions didn't seem to help much. I still wanted...


Views: 44544     Rated: +8.63 (197)    Comments: 12

she was so young!

Categories Fantasy, Male / Female, Virginity, Young

Published: 29 December 2005

Authror: DrSEXPhD

I work night shift on a trucking dock. there aint a lot of, what you might call, Pussy, around betwee n10pm and 6 am. but there was one girl I saw every day. a pretty hot lil brunette. I saw her waiting for the bus everyday whe nI come home from work. She lives just across the street. We are out...


Views: 133396     Rated: +8.43 (296)    Comments: 30

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