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Water Sports/Pissing

Sis and me 1

Categories True Story, Incest, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 24 March 2006

Authror: sexyboy

Now I consider myself a normal guy who isnt afraid of groping a plethora of butts in a crowd at the mall.Ladies and teenagers alike satisfy me. Brushing my palm across the ass cheeks of an unsuspecting stranger has its thrills and satisfaction. But I had never imagined that I would be getting...


Views: 57584     Rated: +5.2 (137)    Comments: 15

The Job

Categories Fantasy, Male / Female, Threesome, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 13 March 2006

Authror: peebukme

Im a young 24 year old male in very good shape who was on unemployment looking for work. I got a call for a job I have been waiting for, for what seemed like forever. I thought i was just going to get it but i had to take a few written tests and then an interview. Later that week i got yet another...


Views: 24824     Rated: +7.45 (85)    Comments: 7

Boss Trap 2

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Male / Female, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 28 February 2006

Authror: Sudhir

Girish hugged my wife at the door and kissed on the lips cupping both breasts with his hands and againg with is arm around her, playing with her tits, led her to the drawing room where half a dozen men were sitting, enjoying their drinks. He introduced her saying she is a great bitch! I fucked her...


Views: 23596     Rated: +5.83 (72)    Comments: 5

I couldnt believe what I saw!

Categories Fantastic, Male / Female, Water Sports/Pissing, Young

Published: 16 January 2006

Authror: DrSEXPhD

When I was 21, I took a job working on a farm near my hometown. The guy who hired me, Tim was a real nice guy, but too nice. His wife was sleeping around on him and she eventually took off with her boyfreind to California, leaving him with a 12 year old daughter. I started workingfor him about a...


Views: 86869     Rated: +8.15 (334)    Comments: 39

Me and My Cousin

Categories Fiction, Incest, Teen, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 01 January 2006

Authror: Von

For that entire summer, my cousin Jess was staying with us. Her parents were divorced (as were mine) and she lived with her mom (as did I), but she lived in California and I lived in Pennsylvania. Her mom was going to have to travel alot that summer to try and earn a promotion, and most of...


Views: 52821     Rated: +8.23 (173)    Comments: 16


Categories Fiction, Anal, Mature, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 17 May 2005

Authror: climber

Hi I’m a Twenty four year old airline pilot. It was a Thursday night and I was away in some small city. I had nothing to do til my Flight the next afternoon. I decided that instead of staying in my hotel and jacking off to pay for view porn I would go to town. After spending a few hours...


Views: 47039     Rated: +6.27 (132)    Comments: 14

piss fantasy

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Voyeurism, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 03 April 2005

Authror: Matt_2

My first sexual experience wasn’t all that sexual; it really wasn’t my experience either. I was just a witness to something. I was a good kid… thirteen at oldest. Just started a new school. I didn’t want to go to this school that much, though. I was used to my...


Views: 36623     Rated: +8 (120)    Comments: 8

shitting girlfriend

Categories True Story, Lesbian, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 15 December 2004

Authror: Melissa

I was on the sofa when amy came up to dressed in her white cotton panties, she turned around with her back to me, bent over a little and farted. Straight away I pressed my nose to her bumcheeks and sniffed her fart. I pulled her knickers down and begain to tounge her anus, licking her bumhole. As...


Views: 111570     Rated: +6.09 (563)    Comments: 73

my first pissing fun part 2

Categories True Story, Anal, Oral Sex, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 09 December 2004

Authror: paul

Well later that week I got determined not to let my newfound source of fun go by so I started thinking of how I could indulge my new kink. The first opportunity was when M went to the bathroom, I was reading in the bedroom when I saw her go by the door, we have never been shy about going to the...


Views: 44472     Rated: +7.92 (199)    Comments: 25

Come on Eileen

Categories Fiction, Cum Swallowing, Mature, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 14 November 2004

Authror: paul

I had finished work and had gone over to my girlfriend’s parents house to wait for her as I had an hour and a half to kill. When I got there her mother, Eileen was there. I get on well with Eileen and truth be known I would fuck her given half a chance. She is in her forties with Marilyn...


Views: 61315     Rated: +7.14 (236)    Comments: 24

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