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True Story

Babysitter Blackmail

Categories True Story, Blackmail, First Time, Reluctance

Published: 15 January 2005

Author: Lapper

When I was reaching puberty I was kind of a trouble maker. Just small shit around the neighborhood, but enough to be threatened with Military School by my parents. One summer they had decided to take a weeklong trip to Las Vegas and hired a woman to care for my 2 younger sisters and me. The...


Views: 227444     Rated: +7.21 (975)    Comments: 97


Categories True Story, Blowjob, First Time, Threesome

Published: 14 January 2005

Author: jeff

IN MY FRIEND’S HOUSE WITH MY WIFE I was working in an electronic company for more then seven years. One day my boss assigned me to the East Cost sub branch for two weeks to relive a worker there. I checked with my friends and found one of my school mate was working in that town. His name...


Views: 76696     Rated: +7.91 (267)    Comments: 18

Tony's Dick: A Girl's First Blow Job

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time

Published: 11 January 2005

Author: MystressAssail

Tony’s Dick A Girl’s First Blow Job Tony and I had messed around often. I stroked his dick so many times I can’t even remember the first time. All I know is it started in the sixth grade. We had met on a bowling outing with the band or something. I got stuck on his team....


Views: 117315     Rated: +7.95 (536)    Comments: 54

About Missy - 1

Categories True Story, First Time, Group Sex, Romance

Published: 10 January 2005

Author: Missy Love

Introduction: (Jan 2005) In the story "Mail order sex slave" posted under her name, Cathy used my first name for the main character. Missy's not an uncommon name so I shouldn't have been offended, and wasn't. In fact, I'd like to think she sort of had me in mind,...


Views: 25289     Rated: +7.53 (53)    Comments: 6

Kyle in Chicago

Categories True Story, Anal, Interracial, Lesbian

Published: 10 January 2005

Author: Kyle Eliott

Hey My name is Kyle Eliott. My friends call me “strummer” because I have been known to strum a mean guitar. More about that later but for now these pages will tell the story of my sex life over the last 2 years. Believe me when I tell you, ever since my divorce two years ago, it has...


Views: 25732     Rated: +7.51 (74)    Comments: 6

Kyle in Gainsville

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Interracial

Published: 10 January 2005

Author: Kyle Eliott

My name is Kyle Eliott. My friends call me “strummer” because I have been known to strum a mean guitar. More about that later but for now these pages will tell the story of my sex life over the last 2 years. Believe me when I tell you, ever since my divorce two years ago, it has been a...


Views: 14695     Rated: +6.05 (38)    Comments: 3


Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, First Time, Male / Female

Published: 09 January 2005

Author: snowleopard

I met Kimber by chance down on the beaches of Pensacola, Florida. I was living there doing work as a artist and doing a sunrise scene by the bay. This day was different from most others, as when I was about half-way done with the painting, I heard someone giggling behind me. When I turned...


Views: 23345     Rated: +7.59 (122)   

Seduction of a white boy part 4

Categories True Story, Anal, Authoritarian, Gay

Published: 09 January 2005

Author: Willy

This is a true story; it is the fourth story that I written about my sexual experiences as a boy, if you want some background, you may want to read my previous stories. Again, about me. I was born in Europe, when I was 3 years old my parents moved to a Latin American country where I was raised....


Views: 41831     Rated: +7.55 (386)    Comments: 14

Parlour punishment

Categories True Story, Erotica, Male / Female, School

Published: 07 January 2005

Author: Cheshire Cat

She came in and stood before him. Her brown hair was tied back in a pony tail with an elastic band. The top buttons of her crushed white blouse were undone and the knot of her striped tie was loose and pulled down. The blouse, open again at the bottom button, hung over a short blue pleated skirt,...


Views: 27894     Rated: +6.72 (89)    Comments: 8

The Most Exotic Thing In America

Categories True Story

Published: 05 January 2005

Author: Misha Firer

THE MOST EXOTIC THING IN AMERICA For me, an extract from Europe, there are two exotic things in America: circumcision and bold pussy. I still have to meet a European who could reconcile with these peculiarities of American life. Italians say that pubic hair on a woman’s vagina is...


Views: 13247     Rated: +4.21 (42)    Comments: 5

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