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Bernard (Male Bestiality)

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Male / Female, Wife

Published: 04 July 2008

Author: styxx

"Bernard" Let me make it absolutely clear before I start with this true tale, I am not in anyway gay. I have never wanted to be fucked by another man or even thought about getting intimate with a member of the same sex. Sure, I love watching two women going at it, in fact, I derive...


Views: 145547     Rated: +8.82 (872)    Comments: 35

He wanted me to

Categories True Story, Male / Female, Wife

Published: 04 July 2008

Author: faramark

He had me dressed in probably my shortest miniskirt I owned and no panties were allowed. Thigh highs, which were ok and no bra with a very low cut tank top and sandals. When I asked where were we going he told me just for a ride. The sun was setting when we left the house and I commented on how...


Views: 32382     Rated: +7.12 (104)    Comments: 7

I was horny

Categories True Story, Coercion, Wife

Published: 28 June 2008

Author: faramark

I was feeling horny and decided to give my hubby a blow job thinking this may wake him and he can take care of me. He awoke, sure enough, bounced out of bed and announced, "I'll be right back get the nightie off"! I did as he said and when he returned he had the laptop with the...


Views: 41620     Rated: +6.35 (104)    Comments: 11

Gentlemen's Club Part #2

Categories Dark Fantasy, Blowjob, Threesome, Wife

Published: 28 June 2008

Author: faramark

The two new men were about to fuck me and my hubby was setting up the DVD camera. My fantasy of strangers fucking me while he watched was going to become a reality and a preserved one at that. He told them to to within reason anything they wanted with me that I was pretty much willing. I was...


Views: 17247     Rated: +5.44 (79)    Comments: 2

The Gentlemen's Club Pt. # 1

Categories True Story, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex, Wife

Published: 23 June 2008

Author: faramark

My hubby had always talked about the Gentlemen's Club in our town and I finally told him if you want me to go with you I will. He had teased me about entering an amateur night contest but I wasn't up to that. I did tell him we could go for a little bit so I could see what it was like...


Views: 28883     Rated: +7.01 (134)    Comments: 4

The Wifes Store

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Water Sports/Pissing, Wife

Published: 04 June 2008

Author: Joe Blow

My wife LeAnn is a 26 year old head turning brunette, at 5 ’7 she has straight shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes. Her perfectly tanned legs and firm round ass are attention getters, as are her tits, which are 34 double D’s. I’m a 33 year old stockbroker. I’m...


Views: 25815     Rated: +8.21 (112)    Comments: 8

It all started out erotic enough…

Categories True Story, Wife

Published: 03 June 2008

Author: Glen36

My wife, Teresa, and I have always been very sexual with each other and had built up a trust in each other that allowed us to talk openly about our fantasies. Although we had never involved anyone else up until this point, we had many times explored our voyeuristic side and even talked about...


Views: 124382     Rated: +9.1 (833)    Comments: 23

As we got to know each other better…..

Categories True Story, BDSM, Threesome, Wife

Published: 03 June 2008

Author: Glen36

Greg, Teresa and I would continue to go out and party like we did before, however things were different now. Although there were never expectations, there was an unsaid desire that we all continued to have. Teresa would continue to dress up for us and I made sure that her pussy stayed shaven....


Views: 25509     Rated: +8.57 (112)    Comments: 4

We continued to become more comfortable with each other

Categories True Story, Threesome, Wife

Published: 03 June 2008

Author: Glen36

In a couple of months, Greg became a part of our family. Regardless if we were partying, just hanging out to eat dinner or just playing cards we all did it together. Short of having a key to the house or having a key to his house, we spent much of our time getting to know each other better and...


Views: 36759     Rated: +8.77 (138)    Comments: 9

Paula's Holiday-Monday

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Wife

Published: 27 April 2008

Author: hotolddaddy

Paula had come back to the room, as the heat was getting to her a bit and Ernie wanted to go and look at the Castle. She said she would have a lie down to cool off for the evening. She was not sure if she had dropped off but was disturbed by a knock at the door, assuming that it was Ernie she got...


Views: 45475     Rated: +8.76 (201)    Comments: 3

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