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The Day I Cheated My Husband

Categories True Story, Wife

Published: 18 April 2007

Author: dansmistress

[i]The Day I Cheated My Husband This is a true story. And if I wouldn’t tell this one, or write it at least, I would never know where to put my guilt. It’s not that my husband never knew. He knew that I’m meeting someone, my ex-boyfriend whom I have a daughter with, but we...


Views: 39110     Rated: +7.4 (90)    Comments: 17

The American Dream-Part 1

Categories Fiction, Incest, Reluctance, Wife

Published: 02 April 2007

Author: thegoodwife

The American Dream Pt.1 Dan Rice realized he was not being fulfilled. It was hard for him to even finish having sex with his wife, she was so boring to him. As a gorgeous blonde with light brown eyes and a full figure, his wife Heidi honestly couldn’t be sexier. Her pink lips were always...


Views: 25565     Rated: +7.79 (98)    Comments: 6

Sexy nieghbours n my wife's burning pussy

Categories Diary, Wife

Published: 26 March 2007

Author: fuker.suker

Hey, we were newly weds. This is what sex should be like. This is story of my wife let me tell you in her words; I was taking my shower before bed and noticed the neighbor’s window was right in my view. I pulled the shade down, I didn't want him or her to see me naked. I pulled the...


Views: 29246     Rated: +6.87 (105)    Comments: 7


Categories Fiction, Cheating, Wife

Published: 25 March 2007

Author: subthunder

REFLECTIONS By dharmon As I sat naked looking at myself in the mirror, I had to admit that, for a thirty year old housewife, I didn't look half bad. At 5 feet tall 115 pounds, I'm very petite and can usually pass for much younger than I am. In fact, just last week, I was...


Views: 13232     Rated: +7.53 (45)   

My Girl Kathy

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Male / Female, Wife

Published: 20 March 2007

Author: rolltothetop

I was just an ordinary 16 year old boy and she was tthe most beautiful women that i have ever known. Well to be honest she was very beautiful but definently not the hottest girl in the world. But for me there was just something about her that drove me crazy. I wanted her more than any other girl...


Views: 35992     Rated: +7.96 (105)    Comments: 7

My Nieghbour Hot Bomb

Categories Diary, Wife

Published: 20 March 2007

Author: fuker.suker

My Neighbour travels quite frequently on business and leaves her wife home alone. I don’t know if things just happen to break while dad is gone, or she waits until then to call me. Sometimes he will call me in advance to go fix something at their house, telling me how long he will be out of...


Views: 20873     Rated: +8.04 (76)    Comments: 5

My Ex wife and my dog

Categories True Story, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Wife

Published: 28 February 2007

Author: Blakeseven

I had been divorced from Irene for eight years and had had really no contact with her in that time. When I split from the partner I left her for I thought it might be a nice thing to do to call her and apologise for my bad treatment of her heart! Crazy really but the thought just came over me and...


Views: 232239     Rated: +8.43 (1118)    Comments: 50

Hot Wife Tina

Categories True Story, Exhibitionism, Interracial, Wife

Published: 28 February 2007

Author: frederico

[b]I first met Tina in 1980. She was a tiny little blonde with the wildest appetite for sex. We experimented with swinging and I was facinated with watching her suck guys off and fuck the shit out of them. We were married two years later and had a child. We had calmed down in the extramarital sex...


Views: 92550     Rated: +8.37 (381)    Comments: 22

Party Night

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Wife

Published: 20 February 2007

Author: Zabbo126

I never told her that I saw her that night. Hell, she was plenty drunk and I’ve done stupid things when I was that loaded. We had been invited to a party at my friend Jims’ house. Everyone had known each other for years and the sexual talk that had been going on all evening was...


Views: 43826     Rated: +7.97 (178)    Comments: 9

Party Break

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Threesome, Wife

Published: 12 February 2007

Author: Zabbo126

We snuck off to the bathroom together. The party was really rolling and everyone including my wife had drunk a fair amount. She had whispered to me that she was horny and that waiting was not an option. So here we were in a rather small bathroom her with her skirt hiked up to her waist bending...


Views: 38201     Rated: +8.08 (160)    Comments: 8

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