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A New Beginning - Part 3

Categories Fiction, Anal, Black, Hardcore

Published: 30 April 2019

Author: Gnoph-Keh

Fuck my life Antoine stood on the steps of his house, the hand holding the key limp at his side. He didn't want to go in, but at the same time he knew he didn't have a choice. How would he tell her? What the hell was he supposed to say? "Gee wiz mom, it seems that a couple of...


Views: 3178     Rated: +9.09 (44)   

Tales From the Loft: The Hunters

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob

Published: 30 April 2019

Author: Mojavejoe420

Tales From The Loft: The Hunters Co-written by: Mojavejoe420 and Melanieatplay "The Hunters" “And so, I decided not to wear a bra to Brooke’s birthday party. I didn’t know she was going to have a water balloon fight. I was just hoping to get Tommy Marston’s...


Views: 101349     Rated: +9.2 (100)    Comments: 7

The Way it is Now Ch 6

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Published: 29 April 2019

Author: At00micAsh

The Way it is Now Ch6 Dinner was a flurry of tastes for Sarah. They had ordered “A-La Cart”. Some she’s had before. Some she had been made to try. Ultimately, several empty boxes went into the trash. Several half consumed went into the fridge. She had enjoyed her dinner....


Views: 1601     Rated: +9.29 (28)   

Lily's new cumslut

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Published: 29 April 2019

Author: shadowdoom

Tommy Kai was in his parent’s basement, scrolling through pages that were in a spellbook. While cleaning up the basement, he discovered a strange book laying on the floor behind the bookshelf. The blue was huge with a skull on it, very dusty and ancient. Strangely out of all the books in...


Views: 2231     Rated: +5.88 (17)   

my lesbian sister part 14

Categories Anal, Young, Lesbian, Cruelty

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: laotamst

i stretched as i sat up in my bed. my panties were lying at the foot of my bed torn in half. that made me wet instead of putting on another pair of panties i just threw a pair of leggings on. i made my way down stairs not seeing Jessica or Betty anywhere. i went downstairs and noticed my mom...


Views: 1110     Rated: +9 (11)   

Home Alone with Dad

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Gay, Oral Sex

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: parva noctua

I was never close with my parents. They both worked a lot, and one of them seemed to always be out of town. But I never gave up; I was always trying to make up some excuse to talk to one of them or spend time with them. This led me to be a little needy as a kid, which I’m sure was a bit...


Views: 1918     Rated: +9 (10)   

Turning My Roommate into a Sissy Slut Chapter 3

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: Rick_James

"Hey, Leah!" I opened the door to see my new friend waiting, with her black backpack, ready for another round of fun. I looked over my shoulder to look at where Tim was sitting on the couch. It didn't seem like he was very excited. Well, that only made it more fun for Leah and me!...


Views: 1391     Rated: +8.33 (6)   


Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Cruelty

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: daddy_xoxo

I was always curious about my sexuality since my teenage. As I lived in Odisha, India, it is quiet difficult to open up your sexuality to your friends because they will take it in a negative way. But I consider myself not to a single sexuality. What I believed that no one is completely hetero or...


Views: 285     Rated: +3 (1)   


Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Cruelty

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: daddy_xoxo

He took it out. My Dildo All other guys looked at my dildo and then looked at me. I was speech less. I wasn’t able to think of what to say. I know they must be thinking me as a FAGGOT!. The medium sized guy took my dildo and I noticed he was holding it with a grip. He had a look at it and...


Views: 219     Rated: +7 (1)   

Fucking the Swim Coach

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 25 April 2019

Author: Dave Speedo Evans

On Tuesday night I went to a Masters Swim Squad training session. This was the second time I've gone along and I'm enjoying it. Most of the people are in their forties training for triathlons and I've been the youngest guy there both times. While I don't think I need much...


Views: 805     Rated: +8.75 (8)   

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