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Celebrity in Jeapordy

Categories True Story, Anal, Blackmail, Consensual Sex

Published: 10 March 2004

Authror: Calvinator

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon now and Calvin was heading back to his apartment in NY city. Just as he was swiping his card through the receiver, he opened the door and saw a woman with dark hair talking to the bell boy she turned around and it was Elaine from Seinfeld. Elaine...


Views: 49076     Rated: +4.66 (122)    Comments: 9

Christina's Detention

Categories Fiction, Anal

Published: 06 March 2004

Authror: Lynsey Carol

"Christina?" The professor's voice boomed from inside his office. "You can come in now." Slowly Christina dragged herself up off the bench. The hard slats had left marks on the backs of her thighs. She rubbed at them and straightened the pleats in her skirt, nervously...


Views: 212983     Rated: +7.57 (1457)    Comments: 137

Winter Vacation - part 1

Categories Fiction, Anal

Published: 06 March 2004

Authror: The Archivist

Cathy and Paul had been married for almost five years. They met in college, dated for two years and were married even before they finished school. The first year was tight but when they finally graduated they were both fortunate to land jobs quickly. This helped them to buy a house and move on to...


Views: 103858     Rated: +7.5 (737)    Comments: 28

Winter Vacation - part 2 (end)

Categories Fiction, Anal

Published: 06 March 2004

Authror: The Archivist

Cathy watched Tracy slowly move closer. The feel of her firm breasts pressed into her own. Ripples shot through her body when she felt the hard nipples press against her own and then Tracy’s hands slide around her waist. Her mouth less then an inch away parted and Tracy’s tongue slid...


Views: 150568     Rated: +7.51 (1234)    Comments: 73

Anne's Anal Adventure

Categories Fiction, Anal, First Time

Published: 06 March 2004

Authror: txbiker

It was late in the evening when Anne's boyfriend, Jake, asked her if she would like to try 'back door' sex. The had been together for quite some time and had experimented with almost every part of each other's body. The occasional 'rimming' of either of their anal...


Views: 136053     Rated: +7.56 (694)    Comments: 38

Anal Rendez-vous

Categories Fiction, Anal

Published: 06 March 2004

Authror: The Archivist

I was awakened that crisp autumn day in a most delightful way. A warm, wet tongue was washing my cock as a finger circled my asshole. Without opening my eyes, I went with the terrific feeling that spread through my body from my crotch. The cabin was toasty with my setting the thermostat to 75 when...


Views: 42097     Rated: +7.49 (196)    Comments: 15

Vietnam Sex Story

Categories True Story, Anal, Asian

Published: 05 March 2004

Authror: Anonymous_1

I'm not sure how this started but the incident sticks in my mind because of the gecko--you know, that little lizard in Asian countries.... Well, there I was, knees on either side of her buttocks, hands spreading her ass to get a better look at my cock which was completely embedded balls-deep...


Views: 45978     Rated: +4.51 (204)    Comments: 7


Categories Anal, Oral Sex

Published: 05 March 2004

Authror: Ass Lover

Why would anyone want to have anal sex? For many people, anal sex is the ultimate taboo. Buttfucking makes it sound crude and dirty, sodomy sounds technical. In the 1990's, anal sex has been given the bad rap because of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is most easily transmitted by...


Views: 65840     Rated: +7.22 (307)    Comments: 16


Categories Fiction, Anal, Gay, Masturbation

Published: 04 March 2004

Authror: David Lemmaire

If it weren't for the mole on Aaron Denton's dick, I'd be a lot happier, I guarantee you. That mole has been bothering me ever since third grade, when I saw him piss in the woods. "What?" he said blankly, looking around at our horrified stares, not realizing he was...


Views: 49539     Rated: +7.61 (186)    Comments: 27


Categories Fiction, Anal, Gay, Incest

Published: 04 March 2004

Authror: David Lemmaire

My little brother has always been James -- not Jim, not Jimmy, not Jimmer, not Jay -- just James. Since he was five-years-old, he preferred his full identity. He was barely out of training pants before he was correcting the foolish adults who dared to invent a diminutive. I guess I knew even...


Views: 82855     Rated: +7.57 (407)    Comments: 60

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